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Register for Camp

Registration forms are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis until participant capacity is reached or July 1 – whichever is first. Once capacity is reached, registrations will be accepted and processed as space allows.

The only way to register for Michigan Summer Leadership Camp is by completing this PDF Registration Form.

This form must be complete on all four pages and signed by hand. It can then be returned by:

  • Mail: 1001 Centennial Way, Suite 100 Lansing, MI 48917
  • Fax: (517) 327-5360; or
  • Scanning and emailing it to:

Please note: once our office has processed your application, you will receive an email confirmation to the email address provided.


The total cost for Camp for students from Member schools is $400.The total cost for Camp for students from Non-Member schools is $450.

Download the School Remittance Form here.


A minimum deposit of $100 per camper is due with each camp registration form. This payment may be included on the registration form or enclosed with it via postal mail, or credit card information may be called into the MASC/MAHS Student Leadership office. NOTE: Registrations without deposits paid by July 1 are subject to cancellation.

Balance Due

The balance of each student's registration is due before or on the first day of Camp. MASC/MAHS Michigan Student Leadership is able to accept checks, money orders, cash or credit card payments on-site during Camp check-in. A parent is not required to go through the check-in process with the student, however, if sending the balance of registration costs with your student, it is important to stress the importance of turning in this money to a staff member during check-in. The MASC/MAHS Michigan Student Leadership staff is always willing to help should you need assistance in understanding this process. Please see the Camp Policies section below for more information.

Camp Late Arrival/Early Departure Form

Please fill out form here.

Mr. K Summer Camp Scholarship Application

Please fill out Application here.


Camp Policies

Participants and their families should make sure that they have read and understand each of these. Questions can be directed to the MASC/MAHS Michigan Student Leadership office or the Camp Director at any time.

Registration and Payment

Registration forms and a $100 deposit are due by July 1, after this date registration for Michigan Summer Leadership Camp will be accepted and processed as space provides. After July 1, registrations without deposit are subject to cancellation without notice. Registration forms will not be accepted without proper signatures and information completed on all four pages.


Registrants may cancel their spot with Michigan Summer Leadership Camp until June 26 without penalty. For a registration to be cancelled, the Camp Director must be notified via phone at (517) 327-5315 or via email at The $100 deposit is non-refundable for any cancellations made after July 1. Substitutions are welcome any time. Substitutions cannot be a previously registered or currently registered camp delegate. Substitute participants accept all risk and financial responsibility of the original camper. Please notify the MASC/MAHS Michigan Student Leadership office for any substitution requests.


Participants of the Michigan Summer Leadership Camp assume all financial liability for costs of registration, as well as associated costs (transportation, etc.). The balance of each Camp payment is due at check-in. Registrants will be billed until the amount due is collected, regardless of attendance of Camp (please see cancellation policy above).


Michigan Summer Leadership Camp strives to make our students as comfortable as possible. We staff our Camp with compassionate and trained individuals to deal with a number of issues ranging from homesickness to health issues. With the growth that our programs have seen in recent years, we are unable to accommodate rooming requests of any kind. Staff will work with students on securing their personal items, however MASC/MAHS Michigan Student Leadership is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items within dorm rooms, within the use of Camp activities, or items stored for the duration of Camp. Please do not bring expensive, sentimental, or valuable articles to Camp.


There are a number of specific behaviors that are outlined in the permission form at the conclusion of the registration packet. Please make sure student participants and family members have reviewed this. We have a zero tolerance stance on bullying, substance abuse, destructive behavior, and inter-gender behavior as outlined in those policies. While negative behavior issues at the Michigan Summer Leadership Camp are very rare, please know that if any of these standards or policies are violated, the student will be asked to leave at the expense of the participant with parent/guardian, adviser and/or principal being contacted.

Arrival and Departure

Michigan Summer Leadership Camp is very dependent on the full experience to teach the ideals and lessons that we value. It is very difficult for students to arrive late or depart early, not only for the student themselves, but also the group dynamics that they leave behind. If extreme circumstances warrant a student arriving late to Camp, it must be no later than noon on the Monday of camp (July 24). If a student needs to leave early for unavoidable conflict, the earliest that he/she will be permitted to leave is noon on Thursday (July 27). Please refer to the online late arrival/early departure form and complete the information in full. Note: reduced rates are not available.

Student Transportation

Students are not required to have a parent or guardian present to check-in or out of camp. Many schools arrange for groups to travel together, with the ride responsibility split among family members of campers. Students may drive themselves and park their car on campus, however this is not suggested due to the emotional and physical drain that students coming to camp will experience over the course of the time together (don't worry, it’s a positive drain). Students who elect to park on campus must follow the directions of the staff and understand that their vehicle is parked at their own risk. MASC/MAHS Michigan Student Leadership is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items during or after the Camp schedule.

Health Information/Controlled Substances

We trust that each and every Camp participant will have accurate and up-to- date information on his/her medical portion of the registration packet. The MASC/MAHS Michigan Student Leadership Core Staff and Medical Coordinators will used this information to act in accordance to your student’s best interest in each situation. If an event occurs, the Camp Director will notify the emergency contact listed on the form. In the case of an emergency, the Camp Director, his designee, and the medical staff will provide fast and appropriate responses utilizing emergency services within the venue and community as necessary. In all cases, only the substances and medications listed on your student's medical form and prescribed to him/her should be in your student's possession. Students in possession of medications, treatments, or substances not prescribed to them, and not listed on the medical form will be considered in violation of the behavior agreement, and subject to Camp, school, and/or district policies. Local law enforcement may be utilized in the case of controlled substances that are suspected to have been illegally acquired. Questions about this policy can be directed to the camp director at anytime.


Camp Packing List

Ready to go? Don't forget to consult the Camp Packing List to make sure you have everything you need and leave behind what you don't!

The dress code for camp is casual. It is usually hot outside all week, so shorts and summer shirts are permitted. However, the cafeteria and classrooms are air conditioned so we suggest that students carry a long sleeved t-shirt or sweatshirt with them. The dorms are NOT air-conditioned! Please bring clothes that are non-offensive to others: no short shorts or tank tops that reveal any sort of cleavage. Skirts are not allowed (they are not ideal for most camp activities) strapless, backless or midriff shirts are also not allowed. Please also keep hats at home. Please respect other people by dressing appropriately. We highly suggest that students stick to shorts and T-shirts all week as it lends itself to be the most comfortable. Casual means flip-flops and tennis shoes.

Must-Pack Items

  • Shorts (Bermuda shorts or mid-length; shorts should reach mid-thigh)
  • T-shirts
  • Sandals/Flip-Flops
  • Tennis shoes (you will want one pair of tennis shoes for more active days)
  • Socks
  • Undergarments
  • Toiletry Items
  • Kleenex
  • Shampoo/Conditioner
  • Bath soap
  • Hand soap
  • Deodorant
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Feminine needs
  • Q-tips, etc...
  • Towels (1-2 large, full-sized bath/shower towels; 1-2 hand towels; 4-6 washcloths)
  • Bed Linens (beds in dorms are not covered with linens; the beds are twin- long size): 2 sheets are recommended - one to act as the flat sheet, one to act as a fitted sheet (best sizes: twin-long or full)
  • Pillow(s)
  • Fan(s) for dorm room (dorm rooms will be hot at night)
  • Extra pens/pencils
  • Blank notebook (some paper will be provided)
  • Alarm Clock
  • Umbrella or raincoat
  • Medicine (if needed) for allergies, pains, etc... or that you take on a normal basis (indicate on medical form)

    Optional Items:

  • Musical Instrument (often, students enjoy playing during Open Recreation time or in the evenings;
  • Exercise/Athletic clothes (ATTENTION RUNNERS: each morning, one male and one female staff member will take any interested delegates for a daily run; this is a much cooler time of the day than Open Rec Time; there is often time during Open Recreation for pick-up games of various sports though)
  • Money: typically students don't have much to buy while at camp, however, if they forget something listed above, they will need to have cash on them in order to process a "store run" through our staff. We do store runs the first couple of days for the students and they must have cash in order to get their missing supplies. Some students like to purchase items from the Albion School Store, or food/beverages from vending machines. $20 is usually enough to cover essentials.

All registered campers will be provided a t-shirt, cinch sack, folder/binder, reusable water bottle and pen upon arrival. Be sure to double-check the weather the week of camp just to be safe!


Camp Levels/Activities

Student engagement is broken into three levels, based on the number of years he/she has attended Michigan Student Leadership Camp. Each level has a unique curriculum targeting specific areas of leadership development, regardless of a student’s age or prior experience:

Level One (1st Year students) - Grow:

Most of our campers will begin at level one with no prior Leadership Camp experience. Our first year curriculum, or "Level One" camp focuses around a central theme of GROW. Growth is an agile and comprehensive concept that can be adaptive to any and all life scenarios. Here, campers will focus on the growth of not only their leadership skills and abilities, but personal growth as well. In order to truly understand what it takes to lead, we must all truly understand ourselves. Throughout the week, students will work to "build a leadership toolbox" filled with techniques, strategies and concepts that they can use to progress their own organization, school, community and everyday life.

Activities will occur within the council, within an all-camp setting, as well as in formal and informal settings. Striving to reach all students with different learning styles, students in the first year curriculum will see leadership concepts presented through experiential activities, guest speakers, peer presentations, interactive media, and even in one-on- one conversation. All-camp activities such as MOGA (Most Outrageous Group Activities), personal reflection and action planning, the Mega Mixer as well as our Leadership: Center Stage and final evening celebration round out a week that student leaders will never forget.

Level Two (2nd Year students) - Evolve:

When campers return for a second year, many will return with stories of success and triumph, as well as a renewed spirit coming into the council setting. Our Level Two staff will challenge students, with experiences that many students were not anticipating, thus allowing them to return to the "brink" of their comfort zone, where personal growth truly occurs. The second year curriculum revolves around concepts of personal assessment, teaching students to take their leadership skills to the next level and ultimately evolve as a leader. Our goal is that students will bring back the stories and successes since their first camp experiences, and we will use our small and large group time to evolve their capacity that students have in our organizations, schools, and communities. We will evolve their own thought process behind what success looks like, and how they determine their own path for a successful future. Students will work on the difference between a belief and a passion, and how to evolve that passion to action.

Just like the first year, the Level Two curriculum is supported by a team of passionate student leadership experts from all over Michigan and beyond. The activities will ask students to be reflective and in-depth within their own self- discovery, but will be balanced out by other fun and interactive team activities. Level two councils will participate in many all-camp activities, such as the Mega Mixer, Leadership: Center Stage, and our daily MOGA (Most Outrageous Group Activity).

Level Three (3rd Year students) - Evolve

Students who return to camp for a third year know that leadership is a life(style) worth living. Becoming a master of any art form takes practice and leadership is no different. The Level Three team is comprised of leadership experts who have demonstrated track records of leadership beyond the scope of high school, therefore serving as mentors and role models for those looking at applying leadership past the realm of high school.

Level Three students will be looked to in order to set the tone for the rest of the camp, as they have the opportunity to mentor hundreds of students who are experiencing what they have experienced in the past. Part of L3 registration includes payment for each student’s access to the online Student LPI 360 assessment. Utilizing this assessment tool, students will gain a more holistic picture of how they currently approach and react to various scenarios and how observes rate their leadership skill sets. This data allows our students to take the next step in analyzing their own strengths and weaknesses to become stronger, better rounded leaders.

They will also have an opportunity to model and support all-camp activities, and will be utilized in projecting servant leadership for those activities planned by students in other levels. Those who complete the third year of Summer Leadership Camp are among some of the best trained student leaders in the state, region, and nation – we will continue to encourage and support them to move their skills to action whenever possible.

Level Four (4th Year students) – Lifelong Application

Students who return to camp for a fourth and final year are of the highest caliber of student leaders, with a demonstrated commitment to making a difference in their schools, organizations, and community. The focus is set on the application of skillsets throughout all stages of our student’s schoolwork, careers and relationships ahead. This approach combines the concepts that they have collected over the years and move these concepts into action following curricular lesson planning in the areas of Employability and workplace skills, Innovative Leadership, Ethical Leadership, Building a Positive Reputation and lifelong leadership applications.

Level Four campers will be prepared for life after high school with resources and skills far ahead of their peers. Here, we finalize their transition from student, to leader, and ultimately, to an outstanding, productive member of their community.

Leadership Councils:

Campers are grouped into clusters of students called "councils." Each council is assigned a color identity for the week, and will learn to function as a well-oiled machine within the rest of the Camp structure. Councils will go through activities together, eat meals together, and share thoughts with each other as they debrief and process each experience. Councils focus on team building from the ground up, as students are incorporated from all different involvements, backgrounds, activities, cities, and schools represented in a group of 15-21. Councils are led by two MASC/MAHS Student Leadership staff members called a JC (junior counselor), a highly trained and experienced college student facilitator, as well as one SC (senior counselor), a college graduate with a background in teaching leadership in education, business, or non-profit settings. There also will be other staff members students will interact with, including the camp core team (directors and captains of curriculum and activities) as well as the "A-Team" which focuses on bringing awesome experiences and activities to our camp as a whole.



How does my student become a part of Michigan Summer Leadership Camp?

Our mission at the Michigan Summer Leadership Camp is to grow community- minded, self-starting student leaders. We recognize that across the state, students who will take advantage of this opportunity will learn about it from different avenues. For many years in the past, space was limited and restricted to students in certain leadership roles or capacities within their schools. With our current curriculum, we encourage any and all students in grades 9-12 who have a desire to increase their leadership skills to consider spending time at camp.

Is a school required to sponsor my student?

Registration is open to the public, however we encourage you to have a relationship with your school's administrator and make them aware that your student is attending. Some of the activities will have your student write to a principal, adviser, mentor, or teacher - and there are certain financial policies that are in place, which may involve the school if a student's registration is delinquent. (Please see the Camp Policies section of the website for more information)

As a school, whom should we send to Michigan Summer Leadership Camp?

We encourage a blend of students from schools in order to make the most of their experience. Students who lead in athletic, activity, arts, or volunteer roles - as well as those in community organizations will all have the opportunity to network and make great things happen for their school and community. There are no minimum or maximum amounts of registrants allowed from each school.

How is payment arranged?

Payment for camp is the responsibility of the student who will be attending. A minimum $100 deposit is due with each student's application and the balance is due no later than camp check-in. While we recognize that certain school groups may sponsor or provide scholarship opportunities for individuals to go, the responsibility of the payment ultimately falls on the student (as outlined in the payment agreement on the registration form). The caveat to this arrangement occurs after collection of the registration fees has not been successful in dealing with the student/parent/guardian. MASC/MAHS Michigan Student Leadership reserves the right to send invoice notices to the school building, which may apply school-related penalties at their discretion. (Please see the Camp Policies section of the website for more information)

Are scholarships available?

The SET-SEG Educational Foundation conducts a scholarship program, which provides full-ride based scholarships for students to attend Michigan Summer Leadership Camp. The Jack K Memorial Scholarship Fund is replenished each year by friends of the organization for additional individual financial assistance. (Please see the Camp Partners and Sponsors section for more information)

What will my student(s) eat? Are you accommodating to allergies and other dietary needs?

Prior to the start of each camp year, the hospitality and dining staff at Albion College works with our core staff to make sure that there are a variety of foods available, and that they will meet the needs of our students. Food is served cafeteria style, is of good quality, and students may eat what and how much they care to eat. Our core team and medical staff are aware of all allergies disclosed at registration - as long as it has been disclosed on your student's registration form. Our 6:1 staff to student ratio also allows us to monitor eating patterns in our students. My student is anxious about rooming issues.

How are student rooming assignments made?

Students at camp will be housed in dormitory rooms at Albion College, with each building separated by gender. Our junior (volunteer college facilitator) and senior (professional educator) staff will stay among the students in the dorms, so that there is supervision available 24 hours a day. Students will be housed in a residence hall room in double occupancy. At no time will males be allowed in female halls, and vice-versa (staff OR students). With the growing size of our camps, and the fact that housing is assigned on a rolling basis well in advance - it is impossible to grant rooming requests. Additionally, the goal of Summer Leadership Camp is to meet new people and become better student leaders. Please do not "pack as pairs" where students are expected to share necessities, as housing assignments are subject to change based on registrations. Our staff members are prepared and ready to make each student feel welcome at Camp at all hours of the day and night, and we have more than 20 years of programming behind us to make sure students feel ready and prepared each day.

Are adults required to chaperone?

What about school advisers or administrators? Supervision at a minimum of a 6:1 ratio (student to adult) is a point of pride of the Michigan Summer Leadership Camp. Adults and other advisers are not required or needed to attend. We welcome parents to accompany your student through the registration process, as well as getting your student settled into their dorm room, and then to leave them in the capable hands of our staff members. Our closing ceremony beginning at 11:30 a.m. on Friday, July 29th is also open to parents, family and friends where they can show off the student work that has happened all week. We maintain a "closed campus" policy, and visitors that are not pre-arranged directly with the Camp Director are not permitted. However, we encourage building administrators, club or class advisers, or others with an interest in the camp to pre-arrange a visit by contacting Matt Alley at We can arrange for you to share a meal (and our mealtime traditions) or even have a guided visit from one of our dedicated volunteers.

What happens if there are medical issues?

MASC/MAHS Michigan Student Leadership staff are trained and prepared for situations of all kinds. Camp includes a medical coordinator on staff, who is CPR/First Aid Certified and with a working knowledge and experience with medications. The core staff and medical coordinators will work with Albion College campus safety and emergency personnel to manage all medical issues should an emergency situation occur. That is why it is vital that all current and prior conditions, current medications, and allergies are completed in full on the registration form. This information will be treated with care, in accordance with local and federal laws.

Can I check on my student?

I am concerned about homesickness. As mentioned above, MASC/MAHS Michigan Student Leadership is proud of its long history of success with our student programs, and their ability to transform students into dynamic leaders. However, even our most outspoken students struggle with homesickness at times. We ask the students to adhere to a "disconnect to connect" policy, where they will not be on personal electronic devices during any organized camp activity. However, we do allow students to carry their phones with them in the case of an emergency. We ask parents and family members to please respect our programming, and to not try to contact students during camp activity times. Our administrative staff will be actively updating our MASC/MAHS Student Leadership twitter account (@mascmahs and #SLcamp17), where you can get the latest photos, video, and updates on what your students are doing day to day.


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