2016 State Conference Recap

Celebrating the 30th year anniversary of our organization at the 25th annual MASC/MAHS Michigan Student Leadership State Conference, student and adviser leaders alike came together from all across the state to join in celebration and advancement of critical skill sets in leadership.

This year, nearly 100 schools from across Michigan and 1,500 participants came to experience one of the largest events in the nation of its kind. Our students are exposed to countless resources and leadership components engineered to drive school culture and create new confidence in future endeavors. Selecting just a few highlights from this year’s event is difficult, but here are a few items that students took away from this year’s conference.

Keynote Speakers: This year's line-up of leadership speakers was absolutely incredible. Each bringing a unique message of passion, service and personal motivation to our student body.

Mike Smith
James Orrigo
Andy Thibodeau

Student Showcase: Having student leaders highlight our conference presentations with “Student Showcase” submissions, 24 of the top presentations from our Regionals events were showcased throughout the conference. These presentations ranged from leadership curriculum, anti-bullying programs, service projects and school improvement initiatives, all of which are student driven. In case your students were unable to attend, we have collected all programs, presentations and created a 2016 showcase database for other schools to utilize these incredible resources.View Showcases here.

Structured Activities: Always a highlight of the conference and for good reason. Our student leaders take part in two large group activities, each focusing on a unique characteristic of 21st century leadership. This year, students found themselves conquering our “Leadership Game Boards,” in friendly competition of course, to answer in-depth questions about their own leadership abilities and ways their council can improve their overall operating procedures.

Service Projects: In addition to contributing to our State Charity of the Year, Michigan Special Olympics, our members also helped to contribute to “Skate for Change.” This charity provides free socks to the homeless and families in need across the nation. Our conference attendees responded by supplying over 5,000 pairs of socks to donate to this organization!

All in all, it was a fitting achievement for our 30th year anniversary and we are proud to share this experience with so many schools across Michigan. We have come a long way, with many new programs, resources, student experiences and lifelong friendships to come!

If your school would like more information on our student programming, available resources and joining our statewide membership of leaders, check out our website for quick access to our entire database and program catalog.

A school-wide membership investment is $125 and includes full resources and database access, program discounts, monthly newsletters/adviser checklists and unlimited number of accounts within your staff. It's an easy investment for the progression of your student culture and achievement goals.

For more information on members, our statewide center maps and leadership programs, check out our membership page or contact Matt Alley at matt@mascmahs.org.