Contribute or Serve Our State Cause

State Cause and Charity of the Year

When deciding on a conference theme, we, at Utica High School, liked Leadership Avalanche because we realize just how much of an impact we can make when we work together. We have the ability to influence each other positively and when we join together so much more can be accomplished. However, how do you respond when a force of nature has adverse effects? Greg Martin, Executive Director of Draw Buckets, answered this question when he founded DRAW (Disaster Relief At Work). DRAW is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing relief services to communities hit by natural disasters. Greg started DRAW with a single idea in mind: That a natural disaster was one of the only ways that a family could go from well off to rock bottom instantaneously. By raising money to purchase buckets made by DRAW, we are able to help provide relief to these families - fast. Please join us in our efforts to help those victimized by inevitable forces of nature. Together, we can become our own force of nature and stand against unavoidable misfortunes. Visit the DRAW website for more information and to contact Greg Martin. He is happy to come to your school and help support your efforts!

At the Conference:

We will hold a bucket decoration contest and competition to see how many buckets each school has donated to DRAW by the Friday, March 7, 2014 deadline. Each school will be given a label at conference registration with the number of buckets they have donated to DRAW and one five gallon bucket to decorate as they see fit during a Center Meeting. General supplies will be provided, but be sure to bring whatever additional materials unique to your school, or fundraising efforts you may need in order to add flair! There will be a bucket judging contest and fabulous prizes for the schools of the winning buckets! In the end, all Centers will come together and stack their buckets so we can see our mountain of disaster relief success!

What to do NOW!?

PLAN A BUCKET DRIVE! Either have a fundraiser to purchase buckets OR raise items in order to build your own buckets! Consider having classes bring in items and then combine items to make complete buckets. Need an idea how to do this? Click here to check out what Utica High School is doing to organize our school-wide drive. Then, contact DRAW in order to schedule a pickup/delivery time. You can see a complete list of items on the “Fill Bucket” link next to the bucket you choose to fill.

Please go to to donate as many buckets as you can! Be sure to donate your buckets by Friday, March 7, 2014, so that we can count your achievements in our Center competition!

*Note to Advisers: In order to help us track donations made by your group, please be sure to communicate to DRAW that you are a member school of the MASC/MAHS. If donating buckets on-line, please click the “Add Special Instructions to the Seller” button on PayPal and denote your school name and that you are a member of the MASC/MAHS. If arranging for a delivery or pick-up of buckets, please just tell the DRAW representative that your group is a MASC/MAHS member school. This will serve as insurance that your school is credited with your donation to DRAW. Thank you!