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We are excited to announce the 2015 MASC/MAHS Michigan Student Leadership State Charity of the Year is “New World Flood!” New World Flood is lead by former Michigan State Spartan, and retired pro football player T.J. (Todd) Duckett to increase volunteerism and community service events across Michigan.

Who is New World Flood?

A single raindrop became the beginning of a flood! Retired from his dream of being a professional football player, Todd J. (T.J.) Duckett was searching for a new passion and a new purpose. Which then lead to May 17, 2011, Todd was called to speak at an all-school assembly at Olivet High School. The engagement continued on to an English class. Todd heard about some of the amazing community service projects that the students, inspired by the book, Warriors Don't Cry, by Melba Pattillo Beals, were taking on as part of a class project.

Todd and organizer Heather Sheets were overwhelmed by the all of the positive energy that his conversation with the kids generated. They were also left wanting more when the day was over and they walked out the door. The connection to that passion was lost. The event happened as planned. But what comes next? After one meeting to debrief the visit, passion was given focus and New World Flood was born!

In the first year, more Flood Visits followed, and events like Battlefield Brawl, a flag football tournament and The Jacquelyn Barham Challenge, a school-based participation program beard shaving contest, were created. A visit to Arusha, Tanzania led to the start of the Make a Difference Foundation – Tanzania, a fund supporting educational opportunities for children who might not have such otherwise. Lunch With A Purpose, a collaboration with community partners, connected businesses with schools, demonstrating how much service can be accomplished in 60 minutes.

Today, New World Flood is a non-profit organization passion about volunteerism, whose purpose is to flood the world with service. We have four defined areas of service (buckets):

  1. Inspirational Speaking about Service
  2. Volunteer Training
  3. Community Service Events and Relief Activities
  4. Global Service

The volunteer focus of New World Flood is for each raindrop to gain the most out of each experience, and for each experience to gain the most from each raindrop. From a single raindrop, we are New World Flood!

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