Introduction to the Adviser Development Program

Since the very first MASC Adviser Workshop in 1989, our organization has provided opportunities for advisers to share ideas and hear words of wisdom from nationally known speakers.  These workshops have provided advisers with information and inspiration that have made advising a more meaningful and rewarding experience.  Advising developing student leaders is much easier when you have an “Adviser Toolbox” stocked with information, activities and ideas.  While helpful, the content of our adviser training activities has always been somewhat random and dependent on volunteer presentations.  One of the MASC/MAHS initiatives for this year is an Adviser Development Program (ADP).  The ADP is structured to provide a planned sequence of learning and sharing activities to enhance the advising experience. Investigating leadership concepts, engaging your group in activities and sharing ideas with other advisers are key parts of the ADP.  The MASC/MAHS office is working the Michigan Virtual University to provide participants with State Continuing Education Credit Hours (SCECH’s).  A Certificate of Completion will be issued for each of the three levels of the Adviser Development Program.   Additional details on this new program will be shared in future editions of Leadlines and at the various MASC/MAHS events scheduled this year.