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Leadership lessons from Thanksgiving

By: Lianna Riley

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks for all that we have, spend time with family, and eat some good food, but this there’s also a lot we can learn from Thanksgiving! Who would have ever thought about debriefing Thanksgiving dinner, I did and I would like to share with you what I learned from Thanksgiving.

Leadership lessons from Thanksgiving:

1. Plan Ahead – you can’t bake a turkey in 2 hours as great aunt Betsy is on her way.

2. When faced with obstacles think on your feet- though you play have put a lot of planning into this sometimes things you don’t expect happen. Maybe you put those rolls you picked up from the bakery in the oven to warm up, but then grandma Mary showed up and you forgot about them and now they’re burnt. Don’t worry too much you have those Pillsbury rolls in your refrigerator that will work fine!

3. Have a reliable team- make sure you find people you can depend on to help you make Thanksgiving go smoothly

4. Dress occasionally- you don’t want to get gravy all over that brand new tie. You also don’t want the zipper popping on those brand new $200 jeans because you ate so much.

5. Think of others- your opinion matters, but is not everything. That squash you hate maybe uncle Bill really loves it.

6. Try new things- sometimes we get stuck in doing the same thing over and over and that’s fine, but sometimes it gets boring. It’s ok to try a new recipe or a new location for Thanksgiving.

7.You can’t do it on your own- sometimes we feel like we can do everything on our own but you can’t bake the pie, cook the turkey, clean the house, make the stuffing, and make the fruit salad. You’re human not superman. Know when to ask for help

8. You can’t always win over everyone- so little cousin Joey hates the green bean casserole. As long as you please someone you’re doing it right. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

9. Learn from this experience to make the next time better- maybe next year you should eat before or after the football game instead of during. You don’t want dad screaming and yelling while you’re trying to enjoy your mashed potatoes

10. Remember the purpose of what you’re doing- It’s not the food its about being together and giving thanks…oh yeah and if you’re apart of my family, football too.

All of these things can be applied to planning a Homecoming dance or a charity week. Whether you’re making a pie or planning an event make sure you remember these things.

From my family to yours Happy Thanksgiving!