LTI Changes coming for 2016!

A program shake-up is on its way for our annual Leadership Training Institutes (LTIs). Over the past two years MASC/MAHS Michigan Student Leadership has been working with our student Board of Delegates to design student center curriculum that helps frame the importance of soft skills and leadership traits as everyday, 21st century skills. Keeping in mind that colleges and future employers value these traits more than ever, we will continue to design and execute these crucial aspects of development, but our LTI programs will now cover even more ground, with new competitions and skill sessions run by professionals in the field.

Michigan Student Voice: This is an exciting new student session that focuses on competition and a custom problem solving activity that is completely student driven. This slot focuses our efforts to increase student voice while showcases student research, speaking ability and group collaboration. Part one is an individual competition will allow students to selection one topic from our student civic discussion topic list and allow students to create a presentation that follows a PechaKucha slideshow. This model allows for 20 slides, each slide lasting 20seconds, creating a 6minute and 40second presentation that keeps presentations professional, concise and fast-paced.

Each presentation will be evaluated on a rubric designed to assess important aspects of presentation skills. The top presenters will earn a chance to compete at next years State Conference!

Look for full examples of this new competition from our Student Board of Delegates at the state of the 2016-17 school year.

Part two of this session will allow for students to discuss hurdles they face with their activity group and school throughout the year. With these student identified hurdles will also uncover student driven solutions! Throughout the day, our list of hurdles and suggested solutions for each will grow and be distributed back to all attending schools!

Professional Plus: To continue the approach of teaching our young leaders important skills, each LTI will also have curriculum units guided by a professional to maximize learning opportunities. Our BOD executed curriculum is fantastic in its own right, but having professional educators lead specific curriculum components will add tremendous incentives to these wonderful events.

BOD Curriculum: Same great student-designed, student-led curriculum delivery by the Michigan Student Board of Delegates. With these leadership concepts intertwined throughout the day, student participants will receive a change of pace, programming and style with every hour.

Mock Schedule Rotation:
*Students will be divided into groups of 4, each traveling to different sessions on a rotation. Below is an example of one student rotation.

Session One: BOD Curriculum Lessons
Session Two: Michigan Student Voice Session
Session Three: Professional Plus Curriculum Lesson
Session Four: BOD Curriculum Lessons