New Adviser Mentor Program

As administrations look to fill open teacher vacancies, support staff, shifting roles and other crucial elements to the school environment, they may also be searching to fill the roles of activity advisers. If you find yourself appointing a staff member to this vital position, MASC/MAHS Michigan Student Leadership is here to help, as we have created the “New Adviser Mentor Program."

This program is being headed by the MASC/MAHS Advisory board, where new or beginning advisers can relay on the experience of a fellow adviser in the field to share ideas, concerns and common protocol related to the field of student advisers. Not only will your student programming continue to operate at a high level, but this opportunity will allow for new ideas, curriculum, programming and networking to take shape. Our Advisory Board consists of professionals from large schools; smaller schools, urban and rural, High school and Middle school and we will match up advisers to ensure the best operational pairings are created.

If your school had recently gone through or is going through a transition for a student adviser position, contact Matt Alley ( for more information on the Adviser Mentor Program and cross this crucial item off your summer list!