Student Showcases

Student Showcase

Student showcases are the backbone of our Regional Connect program. Showcases give our student leaders the chance to present a concept, program, fundraiser, school-wide other, etc. to dozens of other schools from across the state. These 40min presentations are designed to give our student audience all the tools they would need to put this program into action in their own building! Adding to the excitement, the best Regional Showcases will be selected to present at this years MASC/MAHS Michigan Student Leadership State Conference!

Showcase Submission

Ready to submit a presentation? We are here to help! In order to give our student leaders all of the tools they will need to delivery a powerful presentation, we have developed multiple resources and example for you to use. The following three resources should be viewed and discussed before submitting your showcase session. The "Showcase Tip Guide" outlines presentation areas, timelines, presenter skill sets and logistical information for your group to consider. The "Showcase Evaluation Rubric" are the guidelines our evaluators will use to asses each showcase for possible State Conference consideration. The Showcase example page lists all showcases that were presented at last years State Conference! Check out these powerpoint presentations to help align how a presentation should flow from start to end. Make sure you consider all three resources when developing your showcase!

*Showcase submissions are due one week before your Regional event

Showcase Tip Guide

Showcase Evaluation Rubric

Showcase Presentation Examples

Not Presenting a Showcase?

No worries! We want all of our attending students to be involved in the action. If your school is not presenting a student showcase (or if you want to add more content), you school will still submit a student driven program completed this year. The program can be anything from a mentor, anti-bullying, spirit week, fundraiser, community service project, or any program your school would like to share with others across the state. This addition will allow for even more student idea sharing and networking than ever before! If your school has elected to not submit a student showcase presentation, use this form to submit a program, event, concept or other student activities program your school conducted this school year.

Activity Submission Form

Showcase Selection for the State Conference

School Voting
At the conclusion of each regional, schools will discuss which presentations they felt were the top presentations throughout the day. Each school will receive two votes. These votes will be cast for their top chosen presentations (Schools may not choose their own presentations).

The TOP two showcases based on school voting at each Regional event will earn a spot to present at the state conference (As long as at least 8 presentations are submitted for that event. If less than 8 presentations are submitted, the TOP showcase receiving votes will earn a spot at the state conference).

Showcase presentations will also be evaluated by the Michigan Student Board of Delegates using the showcase evaluation rubric (which can be found here), resulting in a cumulative score. These at-large bids based on total score of presentation will be awarded a spot to present at the state conference, regardless of which regional event they presented at. The number of at-large bids will be determined after all Regional events can concluded and school voted showcases have been determined.

Tie Breaker: In the case of a point total tie the MASC/MAHS Michigan Student Leadership Adviser Board will review both the submitted evaluation forms and submitted PowerPoint presentations and make a final determination on state showcase placement.