Summer Adviser Summit (@Summer Camp!)

Join us in July 2017

Back again from the MASC/MAHS Michigan Student Leadership program guide is the Summer Adviser Summit! This year, advisers can register to attend a one-day workshop at Albion College during our Summer Leadership Camp. This one-day workshop was created by the Adviser Board to focus on material and resources that are essential to the progression of adviser professional development and programs.

Key concepts

A relaxed setting with a chance to focus on advisor issues without the need to supervise students
Extended time to explore and practice leadership activities you can bring back to your group or leadership class
A chance to interact and exchange ideas with fellow advisors
A opportunity to select sessions that are meaningful to you
A hands-on focus that allows you to try out new activities
An opportunity, with the overnight stay, to share a part of the camp experience with your student leaders
A chance to see what makes Summer Leadership Camp such an significant experience for attendees

Adviser Sessions

Adviser Swap Shop
Leader-to-Leader Series
Adviser Roundtable Discussion
Activity Kits
Leadership Curriculum Lesson Planning
Constitutional Review - Making it work for you
Adviser Philosophy
Meet the Experts
Guest Speakers

Thursday, July 27th @ Albion College
$125/member Advisers | $150/non-member Advisers

Advisers also have the option of staying the night on campus to witness the closing ceremony of the Michigan Student Leadership Summer Camp the following day. Don’t miss this great opportunity to network with fellow Advisers and gain countless resources for your toolbox!

To register for this event, fill out the Summer Adviser Summit registration form