Student State Conference Agenda

2017 Conference Schedule

Keynote Speakers

Molly Kennedy

Molly Kennedy is an award-winning, National Youth Resilience Speaker and author.
She was the 3rd leading scorer in Western New York history for girl’s basketball, she’s a bodybuilding champion, an Empire State Games Gold Medalist in olympic-style weightlifting, has finished a full Ironman Triathlon (140.6 miles) and completed multiple marathons.

Molly is a graduate of Mercyhurst University and Western Michigan University.

Molly has spent the past 18 years inspiring teens to “Create the Champion Within.” She has worked with teens as a Certified Athletic Trainer, Health Educator and Coach.

During Molly’s presentation, she empowers teens to leave the excuses behinds and look at their circumstances from a new perspective so they can be resilient and successful. Her enthusiasm, sense of humor and gut-level honesty inspires teens to believe in themselves and know that everything is possible. Molly travels across the country and shares her story so teens can rewrite theirs.

Her mission is to inspire teens to live their best life and take action for their future success.

Camille Yameen

With Midwest roots and a flair for adventure, Camille Yameen has been around the world and back again. She’s gone from publicist in the bright lights of Las Vegas to Peace Corps Volunteer in rural Madagascar to youth motivational speaker based in Kansas City. She’s passionate about empowering youth to find their inner spark and ignite their lives and she wants to share her story with you.

She has keynotes, workshops and one-on-one sessions that focus on leadership, service, building meaningful friendships and finding our inner sparks.

She’s an advocate for laughing hard each and every day, teaching how to embrace our inner weirdness, celebrating the beauty of the incredible world we live in and reminding everyone that hey -- we’re all in this together.

Mark Black

Mark Black is The Guy Who Get's Teens Thinking . A Heart & Double-Lung Transplant Recipient, 4-Time Marathon Runner, and best-selling author of "Live Life from the Heart", Mark has been working with teens for over a decade.

Mark's compelling & powerful story of surviving against impossible odds, has been featured at hundreds of high schools, colleges and leadership conferences. Mark has been the featured keynote speaker at state conferences for Future Farmers of America (FFA), Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), and Business Professionals of America (BPA). He has appeared twice at Count Me In Canada's largest student leadership event, that was live streamed to more than 2 Million People worldwide.

Mark has been featured on national media outlets and had his story featured in print, on radio and television including CBS and ABC, and the Chicken Soup for the Soul. His powerful message is simple "don't live every day like it's your last day, just be ALIVE every day."

Mark lives on the east coast of Canada near where he was born, with his beautiful wife and their have two wonderful children.

Showcase Presentations

During the State Conference students are treated to student driven presentations selected from our Regional Connect events. These student "showcases" present topics, programs and ideas that are being executed throughout the state of Michigan, ranging from peer mentor groups, anti-bullying programs, community service projects and much more. Each showcase contains detailed information on the action student leaders took to create change in their school and how other schools can put these ideas to work for their own schools. Showcase presentations offer networking and idea sharing sessions to our State Conference Line up. Below is an example of a student showcase:

Structured Activities Sessions

In order for our students to put some of their conference experience into real world application, our host school helps to design student structured activities that continue the dialog on the importance of self-growth, leadership philosophy and other curricular items to support the educational growth mindset. These activities are interactive, challenging and most importantly, a fun way to teach our student leaders.