Summer recap

It was a very busy, very productive, but more importantly, a very fun summer for MASC/MAHS Michigan Student Leadership. In order to maximize our outreach to our member schools and students, our program schedule added six new programs over the summer months, providing leadership curriculum to almost a thousand students across Michigan. This included 5 new Middle School Summer Leadership Seminars, a new Summer Adviser Summit, and our High School Summer Leadership Camp.  We were proud to pack our summer months full of programming for both Middle School and High School Students. Kicking off the summer (and throughout the summer months) were our Middle School Summer Leadership Seminars. This program was new to our event calendar and the positive feedback we received was overwhelming. The flexibility of this program allowed MASC/MAHS to work with twice as many Middle School students as we have seen in any previous summer.  Of course, I am biased, but here is the Principal perspective of the SLS program:

"Matt and the staff that ran our leadership day really inspired our students and got them excited about being leaders at our school this year!  At the beginning of the day, I noticed that the students were a little reserved and didn't quite know what to expect.  By lunch time, they were interacting and talking like middle school students normally do.  By the end of the day, they were completely filled with excitement, energy, and enthusiasm!  As I talked with students about the experience, they said that they thought it was going to be a day where they were taking notes and listening to people talk, but that it was not anything like that.  They also talked about how much fun it was and how much they wish more students could experience something like this so they are going to try to do things to get other students excited about being a positive leader.  Another highlight for our students was to have the opportunity to meet and talk with student leaders at other middle schools.  This really had an impact on how they view what we can do in our school.  I think the impact that this day had on our students it is going to be felt in our building all year" 

-Keith Cravotta, Principal Dewitt Junior High School

In addition to the Middle School programs, we had another small event for our High School students, Summer Leadership camp---If you’re familiar with our summer camp you just laughed out loud. There is nothing small (or quiet) about Summer Leadership Camp. As leadership lessons, activities, and presentations begin at 8:00am and carry on until 11:00pm every day for an entire week, students not only thrived as the week went on, they actually appeared to have more energy than when we started. This year, camp saw a increase in the number of students that attended, as 540 students took part in leadership curriculum spanning three different levels (year one, year two and year three).  If you have a twitter account, please check out the #SLCamp14. The student testimonials about their camp experience were incredibly powerful and exemplify the lessons about living leadership as a lifestyle. A huge thank you again to the SETSEG foundation for allowing dozens of students to gain a life shaping experience that would not have been possible otherwise.

The last new program that was incorporated into our summer curriculum guide was the Summer Adviser Summit. Tom Heethuis, adviser liaison for MASC/MAHS Michigan Student Leadership led a day long workshop for member advisers that targeted everything from improving leadership curriculum, revamping constitutions, to year-long student activity planning. The event was held during our Leadership Camp, giving advisers a chance to witness our camp program and take part in Thursday night’s “Leadership Center Stage”, showcasing student presentations of the leadership lessons they encountered throughout the week of summer camp. 

It was a great summer for MASC/MAHS Michigan Student Leadership leading into what will be a great year for our member schools. A special thank you for our entire summer camp staff, the College Volunteer Facilitators Corp. and all of our member schools for a summer to remember.