WALK for KARA on April 22

The following was shared from Amy Gibson, a long-time MASC/MAHS member Adviser from Southfield A&T:

A Southfield A&T National Honor Society member, Kara Allen, was murdered by her father along with her other siblings earlier this year. This horrible incident has been all over the news, as her mother forcefully witnessed the death of her children and the father is now in prison.

Kara would have been a graduate who would be walking across the stage in June, but in her honor we will WALK for KARA on April 22, 2017 at the Southfield A&T Track. We ask that you let others know about this event. We would appreciate any and all donations for the Kara Allen Scholarship which will be announced at Graduation for a participating A&T senior from this event. If you can't contribute or participate, please pass the information along to other organizations who may be interested in attending or donating.

The gofundme page for the WALK FOR KARA has now been posted: https://www.gofundme.com/walk-for-kara

We always look forward to helping your causes! Please share ours!

Thanks for standing to Be the Change!