The 12 Days of Leadership

To get in the holiday spirit, here is the ~last~ verse of “The 12 Days of Leadership” featuring all things MASC/MAHS! Feel free to sing along and share the holiday leadership! 

Wishing everyone a very Happy Holidays full of good people, good food, and warm socks! Don’t forget to look back at all of your growth and accomplishments from this past year, and celebrate all the wonderful things ahead!

The 12 Days of Leadership
To the theme of “The 12 Days of Christmas” 

On the 12th day of leadership MASC/MAHS gave to me…

12 Collective Centers

11 CVFC Freshman 

10 Team Builders

9 Ice-Breakers

8 States Awards

7 Steps Out-of-your-Comfort-Zone

6 Goals for Growing

5 Love Languages 

4 Camp Levels – Max

3 Training Conferences
(LTIs, Regionals, and States-oh my!)

2 PARTY Songs
(is it “on this side” or “all the time”???)

And 1 State Full Of Leaders