States is Over: Now What?

States. For leadership kids, that word brings to mind something outside of the normal sports finals and educational competitions. For us, it’s a weekend where everyone gets caught up in their love of leadership and learning. It’s motivational and inspirational. It’s a weekend of forging new connections and meeting up with old friends that you’ve made at past LTI’s, regional conferences, or state conferences. It’s a weekend of listening to amazing speakers who motivate us to explore, to challenge ourselves, and to think outside the box. It’s a weekend that we look forward to all year.

But now that States is over, so many of us are thinking: what now?

What do we do now that we have to return to our schools, surrounded by students who don’t necessarily understand and appreciate what we do? How do we explain the experience of states to someone who’s never been? How are we going to take the lesson and ideas that we have been given and implement them into our school?

The first thing you need to do is relax. Enjoy your memories of States. Talk with other council members that went. Then take those feelings of inspiration and involvement, and apply them to everything you do. 

To our Freshman: We hope you come again! You’ve been given the possibility of attending the amazing experience of States throughout all four years of your high school experience. Take the lessons you have learned and the passion you have felt and apply them to being the best person you can be. If that’s continuing on as a hard-working member of your council or deciding to run for a position in your council or the Board of Delegates, we encourage you in everything that you do.

To our Sophomores: Maybe this was your first year attending states or maybe it wasn’t. Either way, you are at the point in your life where you will begin to see the effect of leadership and involvement in your life and in the life of others. Continue to be the best person you can be. Step out of your comfort zone and try new things. 

To our Juniors: You are starting to make decisions about your future. The SAT is quickly approaching and colleges are beginning to send letters in the mail. We hope that States has inspired you to continue on a path of leadership, and that you will take the energy and excitement of States onto whatever path you choose. 

To our Seniors: We will miss you. Leaving the State Conference is always tough, and knowing it will be your last one will only make it harder, however the lessons and leadership that have been imparted onto you will never leave. We hope that over the years MASC/MAHS has inspired you and impassioned you. We hope that wherever your path in life takes you, whether it is continuing on with leadership and organizations like CVFC, or going to college to study your chosen career, or working to do what you love, that your path is filled with happiness and excitement. Good Luck!