The Tips, Tricks and Treats of Leadership

The Tips, Tricks, and Treats of Leadership:
Of all the times I have gone trick-or-treating on Halloween, I have likely uttered some rendition of the words “trick-or-treat” over a thousand times. However, I have never actually been met with a trick. Leadership is very similar, while sometimes it might feel like you’re preparing yourself for a trick, the outcome is almost always a treat. In this spirit, I’ve prepared a list of some tips, tricks, and treats to inspire you on your path to leadership this fall season.

Tips: If you listen to any of the advice given to you by your parents on Halloween (Be safe, stay in a group, don’t eat too much (or unwrapped) candy, then you’ll know that most of the time their advice has merit. In fact, listening to others is some of the best ways to develop your own leadership skills. When listening to others advice, not only are you gaining new information that you use in your daily life, but you are growing your connections with others. 

Tricks: Leadership doesn’t go without its frights, doing things like talking in front of large groups, making first contact, and even stepping out of your comfort zone, are scary but integral parts of leadership. It’s in facing these “tricks” of leadership that your personal development skyrockets, because of the enormous learning opportunities that occur from facing your fears and reaching out to people. These “tricks” aren’t meant to be scary, but they may just trick you into learning more about yourself and developing as a leader.

Treats: Leadership has a lot of benefits, most of which fit under the umbrella of leadership, and all of which can reach outside of it. Leadership allows you to develop abilities in communication, group process, decision making, organization and managerial skills, citizenship, and in your own leadership style. It helps you support the development and growth of your friends, school, and community, all while contributing towards your own self growth. Leadership also helps foster some of the most amazing connections with other like-minded people, all who are determined to make and foster change all across the world.

So Good Luck on your Leadership Journey, and Happy Halloween!