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We made it to January and have flipped the calendar to 2020.  This is the time of resolutions, semester exams and Regional Connect Conferences.  When I was a student council advisor, January provided an opportunity to reflect on the year so far, and draft some plans and strategies for the remainder of the year.  It was always important to remind student leaders that their job was only half done at this point. Finishing strong in the second semester lays a solid foundation for the next year and allows the seniors a chance to build on their legacy.

I found some good information for advisors to reflect on at this half-way point of the school year in the April 2000,, March 2001, October 201 and December 2003 editions of Leadership magazine. This print publication was published monthly by the “national office” and was sent out to student council advisors, honor society advisors, activity directors and principals. Although the issues of Leadership are twenty or so years old, the basic information is still applicable and/or relevent today. I am also passing along some information on NHS Inductions from the April 2000 and March 2001 issues as well as a lesson/activity found in the December 2003 issue .  

This month’s “from my basement to your computer screens” offering include articles specifically on  The Golden Rule of Leadership, CLUES for Advising, Creating a Culture of Leadership, Engaging Emerging Leaders (Young and Non-Tradional) and Practices of Successful Leadership Development Programs. The Leadership Lesson this month is based on the work of John Maxwell.  It could easily be used in a leadership class or council workshop setting. I have also included a page of Things to Do in January from the January 2004 issue of Leadership..

Please let know if you have topics you would like some information/ resources on and I will see if I can find something that may help.

Yours in leadership,

Tom Heethuis,


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