Student to Student: Goal Setting

NEW year means NEW possibilities (& how to balance)

The year that we just endured is one that we can all collaboratively agree has changed our lives drastically. In a world where so many external factors remain uncertain, it is important to keep yourself motivated and on track towards a prosperous future.

For many of us (whether in high school or in college), we have struggled to find a way to accomplish all of the goals that we had set for ourselves this past year. For me personally, what this has taught me is that in order to stay pursuing my aspirations, I must evolve with the times and be putting self-care at an all-time high.

For my MASC high schoolers reading, I just want to remind all of you that you have the ability to have an impact that is more immense than you may see right now. You’re applying to colleges in unprecedented times, you are envisioning your future jobs and the impacts you hope to have on the world, and it is important for all of you to remain in the present.

One of the best ways to be present is to write down those new year’s resolutions all of you have stored in your brains. What seems to be the missing layer for many people is how to act on those goals and manifesting those resolutions into reality. A word of advice that I can share (as someone who has been goal writing for many years) is to find a routine that works for you—structured or relaxed. I will be waking up every weekday in the morning, making tea, doing my face routine, and picking up a book or my guitar in order to get my brain moving before the long day. Goals only become reality if you are willing to put time into bringing them into fruition, so find a structure that works for you so you can be the best version of yourself.

We are not going to be getting through this next year alone. I want to challenge all my high school readers and my college students to find people in your life that are also passionate about the avenues you wish to pursue. Everybody needs a committee, and yours should not be any less than AMAZING. You need people in your life that are going to tell you the truth, whether it hurts or uplifts you. Criticism is the harshest form of love, and it is important to find companions in life that can correctly give you criticism in order to grow you to be stronger and wiser.

For a lot of us, dreams and goals do not just come easily. It takes the mind tremendous strength; everyone has heard the phrase “mind over matter.” Balancing the goals one has set from themselves is one of the hardest things to do in order to keep producing steady growth throughout the year. My personal tips are to keep track of your hydration and diet. It is so important to be constantly filling your body with water and nutrients that can get you through the long day. I also recommend meditation; it has become one of the most crucial parts of my growth mindset and something that can be done daily to improve the mind’s ability to find the new opportunity around you. I also believe that fitness (walk, gym, weights, hiking, LITERALLY ANYTHING) is an essential part in staying confident and motivated to conquer life’s most challenging tasks. I am not saying that you have to be the next American Ninja Warrior but make an intention in 2021 to be moving and active, and I promise you will see it show up in your mood. The energy you surround yourself with is a direct reflection of how you view yourself, and I recommend that you shoot for the stars because everyone deserves to work hard towards their greatest hopes and dreams.

2021 is all about you. You have the opportunity to make this year a steppingstone towards the life you have always envisioned. You must stay focused on the present, and make sure not to take yourself too seriously. Life will come and go and if we are being honest, it is too fast. Tell the people around you that you love them and leave your mark on the world that matters to you. PSA: be sustainable in 2021—we need environmental advocates! Also PSA: all lives can’t matter until black lives do. Fight for change in 2021—WE ARE THE CHANGE. #BE