Lead with Love

During the course of the pandemic, I have found inspiration in new places. I often
find inspiration and motivation from those around me. I am very much a people person,
so slowing down from my social, busy life changed where I found my inspiration. An
artist I followed on Instagram posted the phrase “always lead with love”. This short
four-word phrase that I think leaders need to remember.

To always lead with love to me is to be kind. Simple acts of kindness can truly
impact a person’s day. Holding the door open can help someone running late to school.
Tipping your server extra will make them smile after a long shift. To me, leading with
love is focused on caring for others. You never know what people experience when you
are not around. You do not know what battles people are facing on their own. Being a
friendly, kind person can help bring sunshine and love into a person’s life.

In my life, someone who demonstrated leading with love is my former boss for
one of my on-campus jobs. She displayed the idea of leading with love as she truly
cared for everyone she encountered. Around finals season, she gave employees a
small Starbucks gift card to fuel our studying. My boss would ask about my classes and
remember how they were going from week to week. She volunteered to serve on
various committees on campus because she cares about providing students with a
great experience. Leading with love is displaying kindness. It is making people feel
loved and valued. It is fostering a relationship and connecting with others. I challenge
you to lead by loving others and displaying kindness.