BE Selfish

My entire life I have worked with technology, from Google Classroom for schoolwork to using my phone to connect to friends far and near. Therefore, I understand a lot of concepts in my life through the lens of technology. In this metaphor, I believe brains and batteries are eerily similar and should be treated similarly. From the fact of depletion to recharging, they hold many of the same qualities. 

“Selfish” holds such a negative connotation, and I hate it. We’re always taught to be selfless in our actions, to care for others, to work for others, and to constantly give, give, give. I do believe being a selfless leader is instrumental to group success, but I also believe there needs to be a balance. One cannot simply give, it is not how things work. This does not mean one needs to take though, that would be a misinterpretation of what I am saying. Rather, one needs to replenish and to replenish, one needs to be selfish. 

So how do these two very different, very unrelated concepts actually relate to me? By caring for others, helping others, whatever, we deplete our battery. Even if we enjoy leadership, it is still something that drains us. I truly don’t care how extraverted you say you are, you cannot convince me that you are not lying when you say you can constantly work with and be with other people. Each person varies on how much their battery holds. Some people can only give a smaller amount out to other people, while some can seemingly go forever without stopping their giving. But at the end of the day, it is important that we all replenish. Even if we don’t like to admit it as leaders, we are not limitless, and we have bounds. While I’ve been talking about how we deplete ourselves as leaders, there’s seemingly an unlimited amount of things that deplete us, from school to home life, countless things can drain us. 

So how do we replenish? I believe the first step to replenishing is just realizing the fact that you have to. When I stopped trying to ignore the signs my brain was giving me that I needed a break and realized the needs I had, I almost instantly felt a little better about everything. From there, replenishing looks different to everybody. As I write this article pretending it is my own journal next to my “Iced Dragonfruit Tea” candle from Bath & Body Works and an unhealthy amount of squishmallows, I am replenishing my mental battery. However, I know for some, exercise is their way of recharging, drawing, playing video games, or reading. However you do it, I simply ask you to make time for yourself to recharge and relax.