Charity of the Year


2020-21 Charity of the Year: A FRESH Look!
As we know, this has been a difficult year for just about every person, family and industry. The toll of political unrest and impact of the pandemic has left many nonprofits trying to make ends meet, while working twice as hard to provide critical information, materials and services too Michiganders. For this reason, we are excited to provide a fresh look to our Charity of the Year program. We want to hear from you! This new process will combine service leadership with a new curricular lens for our student leaders. It’s also a great addition to your activity programs and leadership course work! 

Here's how it works:
This year student groups will look to their own community for nonprofits that are doing amazing work supporting their neighbors and community members. Your student group will review what nonprofits operate in your community and will select one local nonprofit that you would like to highlight as your school's very own “Charity of the Year.” Here’s where the fun starts! After you’ve made your selection, we want schools reaching out to learn more about that nonprofits mission, benefits, organizational structure and the value they provide to your community. This information will be collected by your student group and turned into a 10-minute or less video overview of your selection. 

This project gives educators the chance to encourage students to take a closer look at service leadership in their own communities, learn more about community initiatives and projects and provides students with a curricular activity (with an informational interview.) In the video overview students will also highlight their work to support this nonprofit, whether that be with fundraising, material collection, a social media awareness campaign or other creative ideas. 

Video Submission Requirements:
After your group has made the selection, follow our informational collection guide to submit! The COY submission form can be found on the COY webpage beginning December 1st. 

Informational Interview Video Should Include the Following (click to enlarge):

video guidelines

Students are encouraged to use video editing software to enhance the presentation and incorporate photos, video from student fundraising, awareness projects, images or promotional created, and video from the interview with your charities spokesperson. All videos will be uploaded to our webpage and to our Student State Leadership Conference platform!

Example Submissions

Eisenhower High School

Salem High School


Ready to Submit? 

Once you have recorded and edited your Charity of the Year video presentation, use the form below to submit! This year, we recognize all submitting schools on their dedication to service leadership and helping local nonprofits in a time of need. All submitting schools will be recognized at our 2021 State Student Leadership Conference.