Award Information and Rubrics

In order to best serve our students and advisers and to recreate the digitally application experience, members can now digitally submit some of the award applications directly to MASC/MAHS

Adviser of the Year

Student of the Year

Principal of the Year

Assistant Principal of the Year Award

Unsung Hero Award

STAR School Award

Application Process 

This process allows for students to gain practical experience in applying for college admission, the work force and scholarships in a real world application.To do so, select any of our Awards from the drop down Awards menu and click on the available application links. All digital award forms can be previewed within submission for students to view all required sections. Students much complete all sections of the application for consideration. All digital award applications are due by February 6, 2020. All mailed applications must be postmarked by February 3rd. 

The Exceptional Service Award and the Award of Excellence must be mailed into the MASC/MAHS office. These award applications can be mailed to: 

(Name of Award)
MASC/MAHS Michigan Student Leadership
1001 Centennial Way, Suite 100
Lansing, MI 48917

Award Rubrics 

(Click the links below to download PDF versions of the award rubrics used for calculating totals)

Award of Excellence (Use these as your section dividers)

The AOE Application is available. The new rubrics are currently available for schools to plan ahead

Exceptional Service Project

Examples of Submitted Applications  

Exceptional Service Project

Award of Excellence  - without scoring sheet divider pages

AOE Helpful Hints Page

Outstanding Example: AOE

AOE Example - 3-Ring Binder with outlined tabs

Ex 1Ex 2Ex 3