Student Board of Delegates

Representing student leaders from all corners of Michigan.

One of the oldest and largest programs of MASC/MAHS Michigan Student Leadership is the ability to offer students involved in a number of activities the platform to raise their voice in our organization. Each year, more than 30 students are selected to represent ALL of our member school students on the Board of Delegates. Learn more about the current students serving on the Board of Delegates, BoD duties and selection process below.

Board of Delegates Responsibilities:

    • Writing, facilitating, and presenting curriculum for new leaders at Leadership Training Institutes.
    • Representing their center/region member schools on organization decisions.
    • Finding new programs, publications, and events for students or advisers in their area.
    • Assisting in promoting MASC/MAHS membership, programs, and events.
    • Networking and bringing new ideas to Michigan from regional and national events.

    Students are the cornerstone of MASC/MAHS Michigan Student Leadership. We love to see our students stepping up to the plate and leading our association into the future!

    Apply to be on the Board

    Board Selection and Policies 

    Meet the 2020-21 Board of Delegates:

    Executive Board President 
    Sarayu Bethamcherla, Troy High School

    Executive Board
    Yash Mehta, North Farmington High School
    Aleena Siddiqui, Grosse Pointe South High School
    Madison Rzeppa, St. Clair High School

    Center 2 Representatives
    Calli Landon, Cheboygan High School

    Center 4 Representatives
    Makenzi Alexander, Millington High School
    Sofia Gestiada, H. H. Dow High School

    Center 5 Representative
    Madeline Card, St. Clair High School

    Center 6 Representative
    Annah Stang, Hartland High School
    Paige Tuckerman, DeWitt High School

    Center 7 Representative
    Nathan Gillesby, Mattawan High School
    Emily Drew, Wayland Union High School

    Center 8 Representatives
    Jordan Bassler, Monroe High School
    Michelle Gallegos, Monroe High School

    Center 9 Representatives
    Claire Lippert, Eisenhower High School
    Elena Ristoski, Dakota High School
    Sarah Weir, Eisenhower High School

    Center 10 Representatives
    Anthony Brunswick, Churchill High School
    Mahi Garg, Churchill High School
    Juhi Pawar, Canton High School
    Meghan Wysocki, Grosse Pointe South High School
    Ryan Younessi, Northville High School

    Center 11 Representatives
    Ayah Dagher, Fordson High School

    Center 12 Representatives
    Sedona Bassler, Lake Orion High School
    Cameron Klein, Bloomfield Hills High School
    Eden McCullough, Rochester High School
    Anna McManus, Troy High School
    Ashna Talukder, Novi High School
    Nikhil  Sheth, North Farmington High School
    Cynthia Wang, Troy High School