2019 Confirmation Email
A detailed confirmation email was sent to all registered campers. If you did not receive this email, your email server may have suppressed its delivery or your camper may not be registered for camp. To verify their registration, contact the MASC/MAHS Michigan Student Leadership office at any time. (517) 327.5315

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How does my student become a part of Michigan Summer Leadership Camp?

Our mission at the Michigan Summer Leadership Camp is to grow community-minded, self-starting student leaders. We recognize that across the state, students who will take advantage of this opportunity will learn about it from different avenues. For many years in the past, space was limited and restricted to students in certain leadership roles or capacities within their schools. With our current curriculum, we encourage any and all students in grades 9-12 who have a desire to increase their leadership skills to consider spending time at camp.

Is a school required to sponsor my student?

Registration is open to the public, however we encourage you to have a relationship with your school's administrator and make them aware that your student is attending. Some of the activities will have your student write to a principal, adviser, mentor, or teacher - and there are certain financial policies that are in place, which may involve the school if a student's registration is delinquent. (Please see the Camp Policies section of the website for more information)

As a school, whom should we send to Michigan Summer Leadership Camp?

We encourage a blend of students from schools in order to make the most of their experience. Students who lead in athletic, activity, arts, or volunteer roles - as well as those in community organizations will all have the opportunity to network and make great things happen for their school and community. There are no minimum or maximum amounts of registrants allowed from each school.

How is payment arranged?

Payment for camp is the responsibility of the student who will be attending. A minimum $100 deposit is due with each student's application and the balance is due no later than camp check-in. While we recognize that certain school groups may sponsor or provide scholarship opportunities for individuals to go, the responsibility of the payment ultimately falls on the student (as outlined in the payment agreement on the registration form). The caveat to this arrangement occurs after collection of the registration fees has not been successful in dealing with the student/parent/guardian. MASC/MAHS Michigan Student Leadership reserves the right to send invoice notices to the school building, which may apply school-related penalties at their discretion. (Please see the Camp Policies section of the website for more information)

Are scholarships available?

The SET-SEG Educational Foundation conducts a scholarship program, which provides full-ride based scholarships for students to attend Michigan Summer Leadership Camp. The Mr. K Memorial Scholarship Fund is replenished each year by friends of the organization for additional individual financial assistance. (Please see the Registration section for more information)

What will my student(s) eat? Are you accommodating to allergies and other dietary needs?

Prior to the start of each camp year, the hospitality and dining staff at Albion College works with our core staff to make sure that there are a variety of foods available, and that they will meet the needs of our students. Food is served cafeteria style, is of good quality, and students may eat what and how much they care to eat. Our core team and medical staff are aware of all allergies disclosed at registration - as long as it has been disclosed on your student's registration form. Our 6:1 staff to student ratio also allows us to monitor eating patterns in our students.

My student is anxious about rooming issues. How are student rooming assignments made?

Students at camp will be housed in dormitory rooms at Albion College, with each building separated by gender. Our junior (volunteer college facilitator) and senior (professional educator) staff will stay among the students in the dorms, so that there is supervision available 24 hours a day. Students will be housed in a residence hall room in double occupancy. At no time will males be allowed in female halls, and vice-versa (staff OR students). With the growing size of our camps, and the fact that housing is assigned on a rolling basis well in advance - it is impossible to grant rooming requests. Additionally, the goal of Summer Leadership Camp is to meet new people and become better student leaders. Please do not "pack as pairs" where students are expected to share necessities, as housing assignments are subject to change based on registrations. Our staff members are prepared and ready to make each student feel welcome at Camp at all hours of the day and night, and we have more than 20 years of programming behind us to make sure students feel ready and prepared each day.

Are adults required to chaperone? What about school advisers or administrators?

Supervision at a minimum of a 6:1 ratio (student to adult) is a point of pride of the Michigan Summer Leadership Camp. Adults and other advisers are not required or needed to attend. We welcome parents to accompany your student through the registration process, as well as getting your student settled into their dorm room, and then to leave them in the capable hands of our staff members. Our closing ceremony beginning at 11:30 a.m. on Friday, is also open to parents, family and friends where they can show off the student work that has happened all week.

We maintain a "closed campus" policy, and visitors that are not pre-arranged directly with the Camp Director are not permitted. However, we encourage building administrators, club or class advisers, or others with an interest in the camp to pre-arrange a visit by contacting Matt Alley at matt@mascmahs.org. We can arrange for you to share a meal (and our mealtime traditions) or even have a guided visit from one of our dedicated volunteers.

What happens if there are medical issues?

MASC/MAHS Michigan Student Leadership staff are trained and prepared for situations of all kinds. Camp includes a medical coordinator on staff, who is CPR/First Aid Certified and with a working knowledge and experience with medications. The core staff and medical coordinators will work with Albion College campus safety and emergency personnel to manage all medical issues should an emergency situation occur. That is why it is vital that all current and prior conditions, current medications, and allergies are completed in full on the registration form. This information will be treated with care, in accordance with local and federal laws.

Can I check on my student? I am concerned about homesickness.

As mentioned above, MASC/MAHS Michigan Student Leadership is proud of its long history of success with our student programs, and their ability to transform students into dynamic leaders. However, even our most outspoken students struggle with homesickness at times. We ask the students to adhere to a "disconnect to connect" policy, where they will not be on personal electronic devices during any organized camp activity. However, we do allow students to carry their phones with them in the case of an emergency. We ask parents and family members to please respect our programming, and to not try to contact students during camp activity times. Our administrative staff will be actively updating our MASC/MAHS Student Leadership twitter account (@mascmahs and #SLcamp19), where you can get the latest photos, video, and updates on what your students are doing day to day.