Camp Packing List

Ready to go? Don't forget to consult the Camp Packing List to make sure you have everything you need and leave behind what you don't!

The dress code for camp is casual. It is usually hot outside all week, so shorts and summer shirts are permitted. However, the cafeteria and classrooms are air conditioned so we suggest that students carry a long sleeved t-shirt or sweatshirt with them. The dorms are NOT air-conditioned! Please bring clothes that are non-offensive to others: no short shorts or tank tops that reveal any sort of cleavage. Skirts are not allowed (they are not ideal for most camp activities) strapless, backless or midriff shirts are also not allowed. Please also keep hats at home. Please respect other people by dressing appropriately. We highly suggest that students stick to shorts and T-shirts all week as it lends itself to be the most comfortable. Casual means flip-flops and tennis shoes.

Must-Pack Items

Shorts (Bermuda shorts or mid-length; shorts should reach mid-thigh)
Tennis shoes (you will want one pair of tennis shoes for more active days)
Toiletry Items
Bath soap
Hand soap
Feminine needs
Q-tips, etc.
Towels (1-2 large, full-sized bath/shower towels; 1-2 hand towels; 4-6 washcloths)
Bed Linens (beds in dorms are not covered with linens; the beds are twin-long size): 2 sheets are recommended - one to act as the flat sheet, one to act as a fitted sheet (best sizes: twin-long or full)
Fan(s) for dorm room (dorm rooms will be hot at night)
Extra pens/pencils
Blank notebook (some paper will be provided)
Alarm Clock
Umbrella or raincoat
Medicine (if needed) for allergies, pains, etc. or that you take on a normal basis (indicate on medical form)

Optional Items:

Musical Instrument (often, students enjoy playing during Open Recreation time or in the evenings;
Exercise/Athletic clothes (ATTENTION RUNNERS: each morning, one male and one female staff member will take any interested delegates for a daily run; this is a much cooler time of the day than Open Rec Time; there is often time during Open Recreation for pick-up games of various sports though)
Money: typically students don't have much to buy while at camp, however, if they forget something listed above, they will need to have cash on them in order to process a "store run" through our staff. We do store runs the first couple of days for the students and they must have cash in order to get their missing supplies. Some students like to purchase items from the Albion School Store, or food/beverages from vending machines. $20 is usually enough to cover essentials.

All registered campers will be provided a t-shirt, cinch sack, folder/binder, reusable water bottle and pen upon arrival. Be sure to double-check the weather the week of camp just to be safe!