Camp Policies

Participants and their families should make sure that they have read and understand each of these. Questions can be directed to the MASC/MAHS Michigan Student Leadership office or the Camp Director at any time.

2019 Confirmation Email 
A detailed confirmation email was sent to all registered campers. If you did not receive this email, your email server may have suppressed its delivery or your camper may not be registered for camp. To verify their registration, contact the MASC/MAHS Michigan Student Leadership office at any time. (517) 327.5315

View the 2019 confirmation email 


Registration and Payment

Registration forms and a $100 deposit are due by July 1, after this date registration for Michigan Summer Leadership Camp will be accepted and processed as space provides. After July 1, registrations without deposit are subject to cancellation without notice. Registration forms will not be accepted without proper signatures and information completed on all four pages.


Registrants may cancel their spot with Michigan Summer Leadership Camp until June 26 without penalty. For a registration to be cancelled, the Camp Director must be notified via phone at (517) 327-5315 or via email at The $100 deposit is non-refundable for any cancellations made after July 1. Substitutions are welcome any time. Substitutions cannot be a previously registered or currently registered camp delegate. Substitute participants accept all risk and financial responsibility of the original camper. Please notify the MASC/MAHS Michigan Student Leadership office for any substitution requests.


Participants of the Michigan Summer Leadership Camp assume all financial liability for costs of registration, as well as associated costs (transportation, etc.). The balance of each Camp payment is due at check-in. Registrants will be billed until the amount due is collected, regardless of attendance of Camp (please see cancellation policy above).


Michigan Summer Leadership Camp strives to make our students as comfortable as possible. We staff our Camp with compassionate and trained individuals to deal with a number of issues ranging from homesickness to health issues. With the growth that our programs have seen in recent years, we are unable to accommodate rooming requests of any kind. Staff will work with students on securing their personal items, however MASC/MAHS Michigan Student Leadership is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items within dorm rooms, within the use of Camp activities, or items stored for the duration of Camp. Please do not bring expensive, sentimental, or valuable articles to Camp.


There are a number of specific behaviors that are outlined in the permission form at the conclusion of the registration packet. Please make sure student participants and family members have reviewed this. We have a zero tolerance stance on bullying, substance abuse, destructive behavior, and inter-gender behavior as outlined in those policies. While negative behavior issues at the Michigan Summer Leadership Camp are very rare, please know that if any of these standards or policies are violated, the student will be asked to leave at the expense of the participant with parent/guardian, adviser and/or principal being contacted.

Arrival and Departure

Michigan Summer Leadership Camp is very dependent on the full experience to teach the ideals and lessons that we value. It is very difficult for students to arrive late or depart early, not only for the student themselves, but also the group dynamics that they leave behind. If extreme circumstances warrant a student arriving late to Camp, it must be no later than noon on the Monday of camp (July 21). If a student needs to leave early for unavoidable conflict, the earliest that he/she will be permitted to leave is noon on Thursday (July 25). Please refer to the online late arrival/early departure form and complete the information in full. Note: reduced rates are not available.

Student Transportation

Students are not required to have a parent or guardian present to check-in or out of camp. Many schools arrange for groups to travel together, with the ride responsibility split among family members of campers. Students may drive themselves and park their car on campus, however this is not suggested due to the emotional and physical drain that students coming to camp will experience over the course of the time together (don't worry, it’s a positive drain). Students who elect to park on campus must follow the directions of the staff and understand that their vehicle is parked at their own risk. MASC/MAHS Michigan Student Leadership is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items during or after the Camp schedule.

Health Information/Controlled Substances

We trust that each and every Camp participant will have accurate and up-to-date information on his/her medical portion of the registration packet. The MASC/MAHS Michigan Student Leadership Core Staff and Medical Coordinators will used this information to act in accordance to your student’s best interest in each situation. If an event occurs, the Camp Director will notify the emergency contact listed on the form. In the case of an emergency, the Camp Director, his designee, and the medical staff will provide fast and appropriate responses utilizing emergency services within the venue and community as necessary.In all cases, only the substances and medications listed on your student's medical form and prescribed to him/her should be in your student's possession. Students in possession of medications, treatments, or substances not prescribed to them, and not listed on the medical form will be considered in violation of the behavior agreement, and subject to Camp, school, and/or district policies. Local law enforcement may be utilized in the case of controlled substances that are suspected to have been illegally acquired. Questions about this policy can be directed to the camp director at anytime.