LTI Curriculum

Program Content 

Our Annual LTI programs are receiving an update for the 2018 school year. This year our programs will offer even more value, streamlining our curricular content to include activities selected from our State Leadership Curricular standards. Research supports our philosophy that students learn and retain information at a greater clip by performing inside educational simulations.

Session Curriculum 

This year, all LTI group sessions will begin by approaching a strand of leadership curriculum. Our state advisers have showcased areas of curricular need that should be consider when creating a strong program. These strands are then broken down into multiple standards, outlining the concurring learning expectations students receive with each. As students rotate through each session, these topic points will be posted and presented in the beginning of their session and revisited during the conclusion of their session. A hard copy resource outlining possible action items students can utilize will also be distributed during each session.

LTI programs will have four rotating student sessions at each workshop, maximizing the curricular focus and ensuring our students receive training in multiple areas.

State Leadership Curricular Standards