RISE UP (Winter Camp)

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Bring the warmth of Summer Leadership Camp to your home this winter! Our RISE UP Virtual Camp program will allow students to experience the magic of our summer camp program, work with students from across the state and develop critical leadership skillsets all from the comfort of your couch! 


  • RISE UP will allow our returning camper to “rise” to the next level of our camp program once we return to face to face programming
  • New student leaders to experience our camp curriculum at almost no cost. 
  • Students will experience keynote speakers, digital activities, leadership curricular lessons and dedicated discussion in traditional camp counsels (small group work) and camp-wide spotlight sessions. 

Are dedicated Summer Camp team is excited to work with students to inspire, motivate and create a lasting impression on their educational journey. 

Date: March 20th, 24th, 27th (3-day camp program) 
Price: $5 per camper

  • Returning Campers: January 1st -February 1st
  • New Level 1 Campers: February 2nd – until we reach capacity.

Click here for Printable "Save The Date" Card. 

Pass this information along to your students and families! This is a great opportunity for students to gain new skills and benefit your school program at the same time!



More information on our Camp agenda and registration will be available after holiday break. We are excited to continue our working growing strong leaders for both our students and for your school program.