2018 School Year Submissions

NASSP (National Association Secondary School Principals):


Having a hard time on how to recognize someone for their accomplishments? Want to increase the recognition within your school? Then try Mailbox. This activity will provide positive feedback for your officers in your organization, give individuals recognition for all of their accomplishments, and to help a cohesive team spirit within a group or organization. For more information, contact Matt Alley.

MASC/MAHS Michigan Student Leadership:

Mock Paper Plate Awards

Want a new and creative way to recognize your people in your organization and also to have your students put their own personal "thoughts" on the award? Next time someone in your group does something worth recognizing, try doing "Mock Paper Plate Awards". These are hand made, hand-crafted awards given by students, for students. This is a neat little way to show appreciation for someone, yet putting your own personal twist on it.  For more information, contact Matt Alley.

Holly High School:

Teacher of the Month 

Want a good way to recognize the teachers in your building? Holly High School has the answer! Each month the students there vote for one of their teachers who they feel deserves a thank you and a special gift for everything they do. They record students who the teacher has impacted to say a short little thank you and why they deserve the award. They are then presented with the special gift and the video. A school would need a camera to take video, a computer to put the video together, and enthusiastic students who are willing to say something nice to the teacher. They want the staff there to feel appreciated and valuable. For more information contact, Haley Street.

Canton High School:

Homecoming Staff Breakfast

Want a good way to appreciate your staff during a busy Homecoming season? Then you might want to consider what Canton High School does. They provide their faculty and support staff with a breakfast buffet the Friday of Homecoming week. They call a local apple orchard to provide fresh cider and donuts, along with bagels, fruit, juice and coffee. They also sponsored a contest among the staff to find out who the most spirited staff members were. They led their staff in their fight song and the best singers were awarded school spirit wear. They also placed caramel apple stickers at each place setting. If a staff member found a sticker on their sucker, they won a spirit wear item as well. Their staff really appreciated our enthusiasm, and told us it was the best staff breakfast they had ever had. For more information contact their advisor, Nicholas Fotiu.

Grosse Pointe South High School:

Staff Appreciation

A full week in April is Staff Appreciation Week. Each day the staff gets a new little goodie, whether it be a CD with each department's favorite songs, cute pencils, candy, or a nicely decorated invitation to the luncheon that takes place on Friday. A big banner goes up that all the students sign. Last year a video was made as well, played on Monday so everyone was aware of the special week. They want to show how grateful they are towards ALL of their staff members, not just the teachers. For more information contact their advisor, Laura Distelrath.