MI Student Voice


Welcome to the future of student voice. A voice that needs to be heard, harnessed and echoed across Michigan. As you continue to light the way for students in your school and community, we want to give you the chance to inspire and empower fellow student leaders from across the state on topics that resonate with all Michigan students. Welcome to Michigan Student Voice.

A favorite feature to our Student State Leadership Conference is Michigan Student Voice (MSV). A program designed to give our leaders the opportunity to present topics in a fast paced, powerful presentation style on the main stage of our State Conference. As mentioned above, MSV is a keynote presentation competition, allowing students to compete for the chance to present at our State Conference.  In order to be selected to present at our State Leadership Conference, students will register their MSV presentation at any one of our Regional Connect events. After presenting during a Regional event, attending schools will then cast their vote for the top MSV presentation heard that day.  Whichever presentation that earns the most votes will be invited to present at States! For full information and presentation details, continue reading below.

Presentation Information

In order to keep presentation styles uniform, students will create “PechaKucha” style slideshow presentations. This style allows students to create 10 image slides, each slide viewable for 20 seconds before automatically advancing to the next slide (for an examples of how to create this presentation, click here

This presentation style allows students to fully engage their audience while simultaneously executing the critical components of public speaking. Students will bridge content knowledge on their selected topic with powerful images designed to support their presentation.

Presentations will be created in PowerPoint or Google Slides. All presentations will be 10 slides (equaling 3 minutes and 20 seconds in total length), utilizing the transitioning slides to stay on point and moving your presentation forward. 

Presentation topics are left open ended for students to generate passionate , informational presentations to inspire conference attendees. The general overarching theme should be grounded in the theme: Making it Happen! Overcoming Adversity 


Presentation Example

Presentation Submission

In order to be considered for a spot at the 2021 State Conference, all presentations must be recorded and uploaded below. This video must follow the submission rules, showcasing your presentation in full. The video must show the speaker, with the presentation in clear view in the background. The video must not be edited, meaning it must be shot all in one take without breaks. 

You have the option of uploading a video file or attaching a link to your video. If attaching a link, please ensure that the video is public and can be accessible. To view our MSV submission form, click below. 

Need help? Check out our recording guide for more information on how to make this recording: 

**All MSV Presentations must be submitted one week prior to your Regional event.