Sample Conference Agenda 

Registration 8:00-8:30am
Welcome 8:30-8:45am
Breakout Session 8:45-9:25am
Student Showcase Session #1 9:30-10:10am
Student Showcase Session #2 10:15-10:55am
Lunch 11:00-11:40am
Breakout Session #2 11:45-12:25
Student Showcase Session #3 12:30-1:10
Closing Activity and Showcase Selection 1:15-1:30

Breakout Session

Each general session is planned and prepared by our locations Host School. Host Schools work with MASC/MAHS to select from a number of possible session focus areas including: Keynote Speaker, Leadership Activity, Idea Swap Shops, Leadership Roundtable, and more! Host Schools work to match their general sessions focus areas around their conference theme to bring our student centered conferences to life. Each locations conference agenda will be posted under the locations section of the Regionals webpage once their schedule is complete. 

Student Showcase Session

This is what student leadership is all about! Student Showcase Presentations allow for students to present the very best in programming currently being executed in your school. These student delivered presentations allow for the unique opportunity to not only showcase your incredible programs, but also fine-tine your presentation tactics and public speaking abilities, a critical component for young leaders. Most presentations consist of teams of 2, 3 or 4 students to deliver these impactful sessions. 

To submit your Student Showcase, check out the Student Showcase tab located on the Regional webpage. 

To view last years top Student Showcases, click the following link: Showcase Presentations 

Activity Submission Form

No showcase? No problem! If your school has elected to not submit a student showcase presentation, we still want to hear about the great things going on at your building. All attending schools will submit a program, event, concept or other student activities program your school conducted this school year. This will increase the amount of resources we share with advisers and schools during your regional event as opposed to just obtaining information from a handful of showcase presentations. This will also allow for every attending school to be a part of these wonderful programs. 

If you like, please still encourage your student leaders to submit a student showcase session. Showcase sessions are a wonderful way for students to practice presentation, networking, organization and speaking skills, while still sharing important resources with other students. 

Click here to Access the Activity Submission Form