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This is what student leadership is all about! Student Showcase Presentations allow for students to present the very best in programming currently being executed in your school. These student-delivered presentations allow for the unique opportunity to not only showcase your incredible programs, but also fine tune your students' presentation tactics and public speaking abilities - a critical component for young leaders. Most presentations consist of teams of 2, 3 or 4 students to deliver these impactful sessions. 

The best part of presenting your Showcase at a Regional event is that your presentation can be selected to present at the State Conference! The top presentations from our Regional Connect events are voted on by attending schools (on site) for a chance to present to over 2,000 student leaders from across the State of Michigan! 

In order to give students all the tools they need to deliver a world class presentation, we have developed a number of resources to assist in the creation, presentation and execution of your Showcase Presentation. Please review the following information and submit today!

General Information 

For this years Regional Showcase Submissions, we want students to submit programming concepts completed during the 2020 school year, or those being executed in the 2021 school year. Although we recognize that schools have amazing programming that have been put on hold due to COVID-19, we encourage schools to present on programming that will not be completed this year. Instead, focus on the accomplishments, adaptations and creative planning that has allowed your school to be successful during this school year. Traditional program concepts welcome!


  • All Showcase presentations will be delivered via Zoom (read below for more instructions on how to create your zoom link) 
  • Each Showcase Presentation lasts 30min in length. 
  • Presentation begins with a quick 5min virtual icebreaker
  • Each Showcase Presentation consists of the following guidelines
    • An accompanying PowerPoint presentation
      • What was the "area of need" that this program/idea addresses?
      • How did your team come to create this program/idea?
      • Details on the specifics behind the program/idea
      • Logistical and conceptual information on the program/idea
      • Results and data from the program/idea
      • Evaluation process and plans for improvement on program/idea
      • Q and A from the attending group 
  • Each Showcase Presentation PPT is uploaded to MASC/MAHS for posting online
  • After submitting your presentation online, you are good to go! The MASC/MAHS office will contact each group with information on your showcase time slot and presentation information. 

 All Showcase Presentations must be submitted 1-week prior to your Regional event. Ready to submit your presentation? Click the button below!



Click here to Zoom link creation instructions 


Showcase Evaluation Rubric

To allow for complete transparency to the evaluation process, we have made the Showcase evaluation rubric available for each presenting group to review. This document provides great insight into what our evaluating team looks for in quality presentations. In order to give the best presentation possible, review this document and make the necessary changes and adjustments in include this information in your presentation. 

Click this link to access the Showcase Evaluation rubric

Showcase Presentation Tip Document 

In order to create a great presentation, use this checklist to make sure you have included all necessary content and materials. Great showcase sessions will have all of the below information included in their presentation This document can be used as a checklist for the creation of your showcase presentation. Feel free to print or review at your own pace, but please make sure you have considers and included information for each area.

Click this link to download the Showcase Presentation Tip document 


Showcase Presentation Examples

Over the last few years we have collected hundreds of outstanding student delivered presentations. Last year we begin posting these presentations online for our member schools to access for new program and event ideas. If you are looking for a few quality examples of what a Showcase presentation PowerPoint looks like, check out some of our past student showcase submissions for.

Click this link to access past Showcase Presentations 


Showcase Voting for the State Conference

During the closing of each Regional event, schools will be issued digital voting tokens. These tokens will be cast for the top Showcase Presentations they experienced throughout the day. After all votes have been collected, totals will be tallied and the top winners from each Regional event will be announced and offered the chance to present at our State Conference! 

The remaining Showcase presentations are selected via our Showcase Evaluation Rubric that the Michigan Student Board of Delegates will be using to evaluate during each presentation. Those scores will be calculated at the conclusion of our Regional events and those winners will also be notified to present at the State Conference. 

The current number of showcase presentations and MSV presentations will be available in the coming months leading up to this event. We appreciate your patience as we finalize our process and virtual logistics.