School Spirit

2018 School Year Submissions

Bloomfield Hills High School
Blackhawk Games

At the end of our homecoming week we have a grade vs. grade competition in the gym as our assembly. Students can apply to participate in any event they choose with the possibility of being chosen to participate. We then have a competition format with one of our teachers judging which grade wins each competition. Some examples are: wheelbarrow race, dodgeball, pie/doughnut eating contest, or dance off. After each event a grade is chosen as the winner of that event and it helps get everyone excited not only for the football game, but also the dance.

2016-17 School Year Submissions

Warren Mott High School:

Michelle Balasia -

Ice Cream Social: 
The Ice Cream Social is an after school event that includes the 20 senior court members to perform a multitude of entertaining and funny skits, a dance, and finally everyone gets ice cream! In between skits there are introductions of some sort, whether that be a game or just bios, of the senior court and the other grades' courts are recognized too. Everyone, including the families of court members, are invited to watch them perform. This is another event for the court members to be recognized and is a fun bonding experience for everyone.

Stoney Creek High School:

Dan Bliss -

Homecoming Assembly:
Our presentation outlines our homecoming assembly, but will have emphasis on our incorporation of xylobands. These were given to every person at the assembly and lit up. They increased school spirit and the student body loved having them. In our presentation, we would provide pictures and video of the bands, along with the other events we do in our homecoming assemblies.

West Bloomfield High School:

Ashleigh Larkin -

The Battle of WB!:
Are you looking to pump up your school spirit?! The best way to do so is through competition! Winterfest: The Battle of WB is a week long staff and student competition that includes dress up days, penny wars, lunchtime games, and a pep assembly. Students & staff compete throughout the week and earn points for their grade/group. The winning team is announced at the Pep Assembly at the end of the week!

Trenton High School:

Lori Holcomb -

HC Court Judging Pageant:
How do you find your Homecoming court? THS may have your solution. At THS, we have a Homecoming Queen's Judging Pageant (similar to a Miss USA Event) where senior girls get nominated from different school groups/clubs. The pageant is a 2-hour event that consists of a group dance, answering a informal, light-hearted question and a more formal question taken from a biography filled out by all contestants. It is judged by community leaders. The result is 5 finalists for the Homecoming Court. It's a great fun way to kick-off Homecoming

Lakeview High School:

Jamie Hitt -

Boat Regatta:
Lakeview's annual Boat Regatta enables a way for students to unite and put their creative minds to use. Each class spends a period of time constructing a boat made of cardboard and decorate the boat based on the theme of their choosing. Rules are established as well that students must follow. Students then race the boats in the school pool while others cheer their classmates on. This project is a great way to get students to bond and collaborate with each other. Lakeview High School students always look forward to this event!!

Utica High School:

Kimberly Hodsdon -

Spirit Week:
Utica High School takes their Homecoming Spirit Week and Dance to a whole new level. We would like to share our school spirit and even give other schools tips on planning and organizing a fun-filled week for the students at their school. We have prepared a PowerPoint to present to groups and a Presentation Board to display, to give other schools a feel of what Homecoming Week is like at Utica. This year, our theme was Hawaiian Luau - hence the name Aloha Homecoming. We also have an activity planned, taken from one of the events from Monday's Competition Assembly.

Ovid-Elsie High School:

Renee Baese -

HC week:
Our presentation focuses on suggesting new ideas and ways for Student Councils to put on their Homecoming Week. This presentation describes what Ovid-Elsie High School's Homecoming Week was like, as planned by our own Student Council. We work to give other students ideas to take back to their own schools to try; and we ask them for their opinions and ideas, as well.

Pine River Area High School:

Cody Wagatha -

The Amazing Race:
The Amazing Race is a competition among grades based on the hit TV show. Students must complete “challenges” to win the race. The race is typically put on to raise school spirit between Homecoming and Christmas Break when not a lot is going on. Be sure to check out the amazing race presentation to learn about a great way to improve school spirit in your school.

Pine River Area High School:

Cody Wagatha -

Events, all year long: 
During the second semester spring sports approach, seniors get anxious, and many students are just ready for summer. Through activities like All Sports Day, Snow Fest, and other school and community-wide events, we try to make the last few months of the school year enjoyable. These last semester activities truly give everyone a break during this stressful and busy time.

2015-16 School Year Submissions

West Bloomfield High School:

Pump it Up

Do you want to build a community in your high school? Are you looking to increase school spirit?  We have worked hard to turn around the spirit level within our school and will show you several creative ways to increase spirit in YOUR school. Utilizing social media-Twitter/Remind 101, we can put out tons of spirit ideas such as Laker of the week for students and staff! If you want more information contact Ms. Ashleigh Ruggero

Rochester High School:

Special F/X

We are a committee that specializes in technology, and video production using camera, video editing equipment and creative minds to promote events, do morning announcements, turn profit, and get our entire student body interested! For more information contact Ms. Kelley Cousmano 

Southfield Lathrup High School:

Steps to Success (Homecoming)

We were able to take our students through an interactive journey through our Homecoming process. This enabled our student body to see exactly what our spirit days consisted of, how we selected Homecoming Kind and Queen, as well as raise awareness and excitement for the entire Homecoming experience! For more information contact Ms. Karin Johnson 

Springport High School:

Council Bonding and School Unity

Council bonding is an important aspect of all student leadership programs that is sometimes overlooked. At Springport, we hold many different activities and events throughout the year that help us bond together as a council and in-turn, help bring our entire school closer together. Consider adding monthly bonding sessions for your council and watch students unite before your eyes! For ideas on how we accomplish this feat or for more information, contact Ms. Lisa Overweg 

Lake Orion High School:

Activity Night

Activity Night consists of teams made up for 6 males and 6 females from each grade competing in a night of friendly games/activities for grade supremacy! This is a great opportunity for students to get together to root and cheer on their own grade level, bringing us together as an entire school. For more information contact Ms. Lori Hogan 

John Glenn High School:

Bobcat Nation

Bobcat Nation Sports teams are nothing without their fans. At John Glenn, they are hoping to improve on this by starting Bobcat Nation. Through using different techniques within their school, their goal is to promote the attendance at their sporting events. They achieve this goal by hanging posters, making banners, and making announcements within their school. For more information contact their advisor Shelly Hoffman

Chippewa Valley High School:

Spirit Bonfire

We have a giant bonfire set up the Thursday night of Homecoming week. Our DJ for the dance sets up and has music playing, and we have free cider and donuts for everyone. Its a great way to bring everyone together for a worthwhile event! We let the fire department know each year that the bonfire is taking place so they an be on call. Advertisement is key, especially for the first few years. The food really helped bring kids in, then they would have fun and come back each year. Posters and social media have been our biggest help in getting the word out. For more information contact their advisor.