School-Wide Events

2018 School Year Submissions

Hill-McCloy High School
Battle of the Classes Laser Tag

Our school brings in a lazer tag company on a Friday night and they set up in our gym. It is $5 to get in and every grade chooses a color to wear to represent their grade. From 5-9 kids come and play against the other grades in lazer tag. There is music and concessions. At the end, there is a winners bracket for the winning grade. 

Pinconning High School:

Michael Stoneback -

Senior Polls:
Are you looking for a way to jazzy up those tired, old senior polls? Then the Senior Poll Awards are for your school! This session will help you plan a memorable, end of the year event, to send the seniors off in style. Topics covered will include creating and conducting the poll, planning a Hollywood-style awards ceremony, and the actual facilitation of the ceremony. Let us put our 10+ years of experience and expertise to work for you!

Wayland Union High School:

Nicki Cardosan -

Harvest Hop:
Harvest Hop is a nonprofit event that Wayland student council puts on for special education students that attend schools in Allegan County. This event includes activities such as dancing, games, arts and crafts, a photo booth, goodie bags, and much more. This event is a highlight in every participants year.

Regina High School:

Jessica Craft -

Regina Night Live: 
Each year Student Council organizes and puts on an in-school talent show that showcases student talent. Every year is a different theme with this year being Regina Night Live. Students can show off a variety of talents from singing and dancing to juggling or slam poetry. In between sets the Student Council creates skits or videos that highlight major events or trends that occurred throughout the school year. Even the teachers get involved with a routine of some kind at the end of the show! It's not your average talent show, it's so much more!

Waterford Kettering High School:

Chris Burlingame -

Color Blast 5K:
The Color Blast 5K is a community-charity event that was created by the students of Waterford Kettering's Student Council and Student Leadership. This event involves a 5K race with volunteers throwing color powder at runners during the race. This race is completely student-lead and we ask community members/businesses to sponsor our event. Last year, the Color Blast 5K was supporting the charity "Children's Tumor Foundation" supporting research of the neuro-disorder NF. We were able to bring together both students and community members to a fun event that all can enjoy and support a charity in need.

Avondale High School:

Carol Benson -

Creating Community: 
Celebrating moments in students' lives are important parts of school. Marking these milestones sometimes gets forgotten at the high school level. In the past two years we have been making an effort to mark celebrations for all students. Students' birthdays and personally welcoming students back from break are fun ways to boost student morale. Find out different ways to build these ideas into your school culture!

Garber High School:

Tanya Boler -

Miles of Smiles: 
Miles of Smiles is a group of students at my school who type anonymous notes to all of the staff members and students in our school to make it clear to them that each and every individual is important. Each grade has representatives that divide up the classes and staff between them and write notes for them. This will ensure everyone will receive a note by the end of the year. We want each individual to know that even people who are basically strangers, see them as nothing short of amazing.

University High School Academy:

Lori Lewis -

8th Grade Connection: 
Our presentation will be a journey on how we planned our orientation for the eighth graders back in August. This process allowed the students meet each other and become familiar with their future classmates. Four leaders were selected by peers to the spokesperson for their class. The presentation will cover how to run a successful eighth grade/freshmen connection so that other schools can see how helpful it will be to the environment of the school. Having our eighth graders involved and comfortable in school has benefited not only the students who participated but the school as a whole.

Pinckney High School:

Lori Maurer -

Student Safety: 
In this session I will be discussing how we planned a staged car crash with local authorities and students. How we planned, performed, executed the crash. I will be going over details of the day from student actors, makeup and clothing, where we got the cars, how we booked the helicopter, and how we kept the whole event a secret.

Pinckney High School:

Lori Maurer -

Leadership Training Day: 
To start our presentation, we will introduce a fun icebreaker-type game to our audience and make sure everyone gets involved. We will then explain our school's student government and what we do to plan our Leadership Training day/Lock-in. Our Lock-in begins with icebreakers, moves toward Homecoming planning and fundraiser ideas, and finishes with a team-building scavenger hunt or "capture the flag." We will explain this agenda to the audience and encourage them to use our ideas in their own school.

Holly High School:

Haley Street -

Student Led Lessons: 
A presentation on the importance of students presenting interesting and passionate lessons. We will be conducting a fun and interactive lecture that will include: how Holly High School's Leadership Class conducts student led lessons, the importance of students facilitating activities, and ideas on how they might apply student-taught activities in their own class/council. Hope to see you there!

Pinckney High School:

Ted Kroll -

Jostens Renaissance: 
Jostens Renaissance is a student led club at PCHS that is helping to improve the school atmosphere. Our goal is to focus on empowering the students to become leaders, making a difference at our school one project at a time, and creating a sense of community and belonging between the students, staff, and community.. We will introduce the audience to the programs/events we have put in place and hope to inspire them to put some of our programs in place at their own school.

Rochester High School:

Kelley Cusmano -

Teacher Appreciation:
Most councils and leadership classes take part in teacher appreciation day/week at their school, but what about all the other staff members? Rochester High School made it their mission to find a creative way to honor each group of staff members at our school through little gifts and creative puns. Figure out some new ways to honor the really important people at your school!

Chippewa Valley High School:

Ryan Lindsay -

Council Camp:
Trust, communication, and cooperation are all characteristics that are necessary in order for a council to function successfully. Often times, these traits are developed throughout the year. However, what if these qualities that define a strong council could be achieved in just a few short days before the start of the school year? Well, they can! All you have to do is plan a summer leadership camp which is guaranteed to change the bond amongst your council members while producing a tightly knit, encouraging, and supportive council. Imagine beginning a new year with a stronger council than ever before…

Gull Lake High School:

Lisa Addy -

Kindness Week: 
Gull Lake Student Senate has organized and executed Kindness Week as a district wide event for two years. As Student Senate, we promote the state charity by selling carnations during lunch. We also spread kindness by cutting out paper hearts, which we write inspirational messages on and hang them throughout the school. This encourages students to volunteer in the community and perform random acts of kindness. Because of Kindness Week, we have seen an influx of friendliness and love from students in Gull Lake Schools.

Standish Sterling High School

Julie O’Keefe –

Teacher Appreciation: 
Students were able to sign up to give a very special, and personal basket to a teacher. They worked together to shop, to collect, and to arrange baskets to show appreciation to all the teachers. The teachers, previous to parent teacher conferences, filled out a service listing some of their favorite things, such as candy and quotes, and etc. The students then used this information to put a personalized and adorable basket together for the teacher of their choice.

Mattawan High School:

Roberta Flachier -

Peer Assistance Leadership: 
The presentation created by Mattawan Peer Assistance Leadership (PAL) Students will provide an overview of the PALS program within Mattawan High School. Not only will the presentation have useful information about the Peer Assistant Leadership experience, the Mattawan students will also begin the session with a fun and engaging icebreaker used in PALS activities. The central topics discussed in the presentation includes information about the PALS program, how the students in PALS provide support to their peers, and the logistics behind Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) training that students receive as a part of the PALS program.

John Glenn High School:

Shelly Hoffman -

Leadership Day: 
This informational presentation is all about Leadership Day! Leadership Day is an annual, school-day-long event where high school student senators dedicate their time to educate and encourage a selected group of eighth graders with leadership qualities in a day of fun activities. Leadership Day is a fantastic way to encourage future high school freshmen to consider joining a group of future leaders in student senate. This presentation show cases all the details behind putting on such an event to help other schools looking to encourage their future freshmen learn to host their own Leadership Day!

Lapeer High School:

Jeannine Baum -

Angel Pantry: 
We have opened a closet/pantry to offer free clothing, food, and hygiene products for all of our students. They simply notify a teacher of the need, and a shopping trip is scheduled. No record is kept of who visits, what they take or how often they visit. We recognized this need after student council took a few kids of need on shopping sprees. We realized we could not keep up that pace of spending. So we opened the pantry.

Holly High School:

Haley Street -

Pink Game: 
In this presentation we will be talking about our 3rd pink game and how it has grown over the past 3 years. The pink game presentation includes fundraising, the hype, the big day and of course the game. This event has been extremely successful over the years and keeps becoming more and more successful each year.

Howell High School:

Andrew Brady -

Senior Survivor: 
Senior Survivor is a game being sponsored by the Senior Student Council. Six senior guys and six senior girls will be locked in the school for a whole week. After school hours they will participate in challenges similar to those of the TV show Survivor. The winner of each night’s immunity challenge will be safe from being sent home. Each student will also be given a donation bucket and must raise money for the charity. At the end of the lunches, whoever has the least amount of money in his/her jug will be “voted off.”

Riverview Community High School:

Julie Ames -

Blessing Bags for the Homeless: 
Our presentation goes over a service project that is very close to the hearts of many of our council members. We present information on why we chose to help the homeless this year, the fundraisers we did to create the Blessing Bags, and what made our project successful. We will provide information on new, unique fundraisers that can be used for any type of service project, and give other students/advisers ideas for a service project that helps the large homeless population that is in the metro-Detroit area and the state of Michigan.

Ovid-Elsie High School:

Renee Baese -

Canned Food Drive: 
Ovid Elsie HS has done a canned food drive for the past few years. This project benefits our surrounding community's, and is a great way to help out those in need. Our presentation shows what we have done and ways for others do similar out reach programs.

Standish Sterling High School:

Julie O’Keefe –

Powder Puff and Powder Tuff: 
Our presentation is to show how we raise money for local charities by getting students involved. We set up for girls to play flag football, (PowderPuff), at the end of the boys football season. We also set up for boys to play volleyball, (PowderTuff), in March. Throughout the presentation we explain how to raise the money and how all of this started in the school and community.

Standish Sterling High School:

Julie O’Keefe –

Coaches vs. Cancer: 
The Coaches vs. Cancer program is a nationwide collaboration between the American Cancer Society and the National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC). The program seeks to increase cancer awareness and promote healthy living among students, faculty and staff, fans and the community. We at Standish-Sterling Central High School have joined the mission! We have held 3 Coaches vs. Cancer events in the last year and have raised close to $500, which was donated to our local Relay for Life event. Our goal for next year is to sponsor a Coaches vs Cancer event for every varsity sport!

Eisenhower High School:

Amber Bronson -

Marine Toys for Tots: 
Eisenhower always goes above and beyond to support the United States Marine Toys for Tots drive. Our presentation will tell you how to raise thousands of dollars in a day to support your favorite charity while involving the whole school in some good time holiday fun!

Allen Park High School:

Sharon Gabon -

Color Run: 
A Color Run/Walk is a great way to involve your student body in a fundraiser that also works as a fun community event. From serious runners to groups of friends just walking to participate, a Color Run/Walk draws all types of participants. We'll discuss the basics of how to get started - everything from organization and planning to needed supplies. You can find a way to put your own spin on it - we added a Halloween theme and called it a "Trick or Trot." Once you see the photos, you'll want to host one every year!

Grosse Ille High School:

Joanna Demars -

Pursue your Passion: 
Think about your passions and see how others have pursued theirs in our Pursue Your Passion presentation! Whether you have made a Passion to Action at MASC/MAHS's Leadership Camp or you are just inspired to make a difference for a certain cause, our session will help you take the steps needed to realize your passion. Beyond this, we also will touch on how to refine a project after it is first completed in order to make any event you or your council put on a repeated success!

Comstock High School:

Colleen Grueter -

Letters to Santa: 
We have a presentation that features each main point to help ensure that Letters to Santa will be successful in the elementary schools. Pictures & videos are included to show what this day looks and sounds like, along with example letters and activities. There will also be a handout so each interested person can have a list of "keys to success" for the whole process. There will be a budget, timeline and example schedule to show each group.

Comstock High School:

Colleen Grueter -

Coat Drive: 
There will be an overview of the major components that helped make our coat drive a success. There will be examples of all of the communication that was used, all of the different venues that helped participate and the whole organizational process. Also included will be clips from the 360 Public Network TV show that featured our coat drive in the January edition. Also will me will include of lists of pros and cons that we learned from this event that will make it even better next year.

Bloomfield Hills High School:

Jessica Lupone -

The Importance of Video: 
Video is the most dynamic form of marketing, yet I always see other school's neglect the medium. I want to present how I use video with student leadership, and what are some easy things you can do to make a video more presentable. And lastly, I want to make it clear that video is an art form, and that creativity is important! No one way is correct!

Lake Orion High School:

Lori Hogan -

Awareness Boards:
At Lake Orion High School we use "awareness boards" to keep our student body up to date on school issues, upcoming events and inform them of important trending topics. The awareness boards serve as a bulletin to our student body to notify them of the various topics that are important to our school. These boards can be placed around the entire school, generally in areas with the most foot traffic for our students to benefit from. For more information, contact Ms. Lori Hogan

2015-16 School Year Submissions

Springport High School:

Themes of Spartan Football:
We create a special atmosphere for our community by labeling some of our football games when special themes. We create more excitement for the games by giving descriptions to these themed games such as; Military Game with the National Guard present, and our Breast Cancer Awareness game. THis helps spread school spirit as well as increase attendance. For more information, contact Ms. Lisa Overwag 

Pickney High School

Pickney's Poppin' Pep Assembly:
At Pickney High School, pep assemblies are not just for Homecoming! Our pep assemblies are utilized to bring our entire school and community together. Using music, presentations, and interactive activities for our student body, we create a fun atmosphere to bring our student body and community closer together. For more information, contact Ms. Lori Maurer

John Glenn High School:

JG Jamboree:
If you are looking for a great way for students to get involved with, gain more school spirit, and fundraise at the same time, then check out John Glenn's JG Jamboree. It is a senior auction, talent show, and fashion show all in one. Student have the opportunity to contact local businesses to gain money for their school, while increasing school spirit within the high school. For more information, contact Shelly Hoffman.

Regina High School:

Spirit Week:
Our Spirit week is not with a homecoming time because we are an all girls school! instead we have our spirit week in the winter and try to incorporate fun activities for students to participate in during the week. All during the week we also do fundraising for teams to earn points. There are four teams but instead of forming them by grades, in order to increase school unity, we randomly choose people from all four grades to form one team! The random grades in each team allow the students to get to know others in different grades allowing the school to become more unified! You need the desire, teacher acceptance, faculty acceptance, student participation! For more information contact their advisor,

Mason High School:

Candy Cane:
Everyone in the school receives a number and a candy cane. The numbers are paired with the exact number as someone else in the school. The object is to find you're partner and than take a picture with them and at lunch enter you are you're partner into a contest. The kids in our school LOVE this and go all out to find their partner. You need Candy Canes, Paper and Prizes. For more information, contact their advisor at Mason High School