Student State Conference



The largest, most dedicated student leadership program of the year will still take place in 2021! Although, things will look a bit different for this year's event. It will come as no surprise that MASC/MAHS had to make many changes to resources, events and programming due to the COVID-19 pandemic (duh) and our State Conference program is no different. Just as educators across the state and across the country have made monumental paradigm shifts to support their students' educational and emotional needs, our entire program catalog aims to do just that. Support our educators, our students and the state of education across the state of Michigan in a virtual capacity. 

We have set some lofty goals for our student programming throughout the 2020-21 school year, finding success and opportunity in facilitating fully virtual programming. Although everyone recognizes the value of in-person instruction especially in the event world, these programs are so important to the development of our young students. Lets face it, if you are an activities adviser you are driven. Some might even call it stubborn. Fighting for student rights, student voice and student opportunity on a weekly basis. This is a passion we share. And that’s exactly why I am happy to announce that our 2021 Student Leadership State Conference WILL happen -  and it WILL be one heck of an event. 

What to Expect Moving Forward
The Student Leadership State Conference will retain critical program features such as our Student Showcase Competition, Michigan Student Voice Competition, Structured Activities, State Awards program and Keynote speakers, while adding brand new “school team” concepts and activities. We are also adding in pre-conference engagement lessons and FUN digital components and contests for our student participants. 

As our conference agenda becomes more finalized with specific time slots and screen breaks, our state conference webpage will be updated to reflect important information and agenda items. This information will also be shared in an email to all member schools. 

State Conference Timeline:

  • Registration will open February 15th 

Pre-Conference Content and Student Engagement Activities

  • Week of April 12
  • Week of April 19
  • Week of April 26

Student Leadership State Conference

  • April 30th - May 2nd 

Welcome to your Virtual Conference Experience!

The following video tutorial covers our digital conference platform, EventOwl. This brief overview showcases how to navigate the conference platform and some of what you can expect when registering for a digital conference. This platform allows our participants to view a full agenda, select sessions of interest, download handouts and resources and allows dedicated space for networking! Although we are not in the same room, we are still in this together!


Who Should Attend? 

Don't let the acronym fool you; there are tons of groups who are able to attend the MASC/MAHS Michigan Student Leadership State Conference. Many student council, government, and senate groups have had a long history with this event - as well as honor societies of all size and structure across Michigan. In addition, we see leadership class groups, spirit and activity groups, peer mentoring and leadership groups, as well as service and community minded groups would also benefit from the networking and ideas at the conference.

Our suggestion is to bring a diverse group of students who will benefit from the many aspects of the conference. Student participation and engagement is key at the MASC/MAHS Michigan Student Leadership State Conference.

Adviser Information

To ensure our schools and attendees have all the information they need for a great weekend MASC/MAHS Michigan Student Leadership will send out a large informational email to all attending advisers.This document is packed with important information for all things States! We will also post the link RIGHT HERE once available. Check back for more information.