How Are You Accomplishing Your Goals?

**5 Minute Read**

Hey Hey Student leaders and faculty!

My name is Megan Durell, and I am a senior on CVFC.  🙂

In January, Michael wrote to us about goals. Take a quick moment and think about…are you on track to accomplishing your 2021 goals. If the answer is yes, great! If the answer is no, also great! You have nine more months to accomplish your goals! 

To my student leaders, I want to commend you. I admire all of you. Virtual learning is hard. Not being able to attend school dances, sporting events, clubs, college fairs, assemblies and so much more is incredibly hard. You are all superstars. I have looked to many of you for motivation, and resilience many times in the past year and beyond. 

If creating goals is not something that comes easy to you, I encourage you to check out the images I have shared. This is my favorite way to set intentions or goals for a season of life. Hear me out: Have you ever been cooking in the kitchen and you have one burner on? It’s manageable. You can watch your noodles boiling or your veggies cooking on that one burner. Have you ever had two burners on? It’s a little more chaotic but manageable. You can stir your noodles, and still watch what is on your other burner. Have you ever been cooking on all four burners? CHAOS!  It takes time management so nothing burns, being present, not getting distracted, and having all your food, seasonings, and recipes prepared ahead of time so that all your food turns about just how you want it! 

What does this have to do with setting goals? If you have one goal cooking, you have the time and ability to CRUSH IT. If you’re working on two goals at once, it may be a bit more difficult but you can still crush it. If  you are working on four goals set for yourself, how attainable is that going to be for you? Are all of those goals realistic? Are the goals objective and measurable? 

I use the template below to establish my goals. I typically have no more than four categories for each of my goals at one time. By breaking my goals into different categories, I can better manage where and when to work on my goals. For example, my goal to snatch 165 pounds is a goal I will only work on at the gym. I won’t spend my time or energy on that goal outside of the gym. Likewise, prioritizes school as my #1 this year means that for me I may let my other three goals go on the back burner if I need to spend my time and energy on school. 

TIP: I highly recommend creating a “fun” goal. In my third square, I have committed to going on a backpacking this upcoming fall. This is something I have never done before but am so excited to learn more about and accomplish. I am looking forward to this adventure so much! 

Friends. Turn on your favorite spotify playlist, light your favorite candle, get your favorite snack and just write. Write the most “Far-fetched” goals, write the “easiest” goals too. If you need to restart your goals from January, do it. Write down ways you can accomplish them. Make them attainable!  I would LOVE to hear what your goals are for 2021 or this season of life for you! 

Be kind to each other. 

Megan Durell