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"What is the best advice for keeping your group relationships strong?"

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It certainly has been an interesting week following the election.  My father-in-law has moved in with Sue and I for a few months and is a CNN junkie.  There has been no shortage of news watching in our house.  Many times as I watched I saw potential leadership lessons that could be shared with students on both what leadership is and what leadership isn’t.  One of my favorite commentator/consultants is John Meacham.  He is a highly respected writer, presidential historian and biographer.  He shared the following observation from research on his books on the day after Election Day  – “…

I have always been a proponent of writing letters. I write letters to my sisters accompanied by scribbled-on sticky notes and stickers that I think that they would enjoy. I write letters to my friends filled with inside jokes and disbelief on the times we have spent together. I write letters to my…

In three weeks, the voting in the 2020 Presidential Election will be over.  Hopefully, a winner will have been declared and we can move forward for the next four years.  This may be wishful thinking, but I truly hope we can move past rhetoric and divisiveness to address how to get our country and our schools back on track.

NAWD (National Association of Workshop Directors) sponsored a Zoom sharing session on Sept 15th on the topic – Connections, Community Building and School Spirit.  Ashlee Vaness from Liberty High School in Nevada opened the session with an outstanding presentation…

Hello student leaders!

In July, the NAWD Board of Directors made the decision to make the 2020 National Conference on Student Activities a virtual event rather than meeting in person in Boston.  In the eight weeks since the decision, the NAWD Board has met virtually to plan the conference. Planned Focus Groups such as: Activities after Covid-19 - Finding Our New Normal; Virtual Learning: Tips and Tricks; Adapting Traditions for 2020 & Beyond; Importance of Grit and Resilience; Constructive Guidance Regarding  Student-Led Social Movements and Building School Spirit and Culture in a Virtual World indicate how…


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