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With the first semester of the school year ending and the second semester just starting to begin, I began some self-reflection. This first semester was non-stop. It was probably the most go go go time of my life. As a high school senior, I’ve been trying to slow everything down and absorb the last bit of my high school experience. Being involved in so many things outside of my academics means to-do lists are my best friend. As Student Council President, I try my hardest to have my due dates and to have my schedule set out every week for my council and I to stay informed and on track.…

We’ve come a long way! The First Annual MASC State Convention was held in 1992. It was held at the Radisson Riverfront Hotel and was hosted by Swartz Creek High School. About 400 students and advisors from around the state spend two days sharing ideas and learning from each other. On February 29th  more than 2200 student leaders and their advisors will be gathering in Grand Rapids for our organization’s 29th Annual State Conference.

With the holiday break coming to an end, we are all finding ourselves in different places in our lives. Some of us are excited to start our new journey at college whereas others of us are trying to push through to find motivation for our upcoming finals. It can seem like a lot is being thrown at you to do both in and out of school it is a busy time of year. Wherever you might find yourself it is important to keep in mind the idea of grit. 

During this time of year I often times find it difficult to find motivation. It is important to keep in mind that what’s most important is…

The beginning of the year is a time that is filled with excitement surrounding resolutions, goals, and intentions to become versions of ourselves. This excitement is contagious and motivates us all to do the hard things that are required to achieve the goals we are striving for. As the days and weeks wear on the excitement starts to fade and “life” begins to happen, making it harder and harder to stick to the goals and aspirations that we had for ourselves. This is a time that many people dread but I think is special. This time where things get hard is special because it is an amazing…

We made it to January and have flipped the calendar to 2020.  This is the time of resolutions, semester exams and Regional Connect Conferences.  When I was a student council advisor, January provided an opportunity to reflect on the year so far, and draft some plans and strategies for the remainder of the year.  It was always important to remind student leaders that their job was only half done at this point. Finishing strong in the second semester lays a solid foundation for the next year and allows the seniors a chance to build on their legacy.

I found some good information for…


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