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"What is the best advice for keeping your group relationships strong?"

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Michigan Student Voice:
Our most powerful presentations come from our very own student leaders. A program designed to give our leaders the opportunity to present topics in a fast paced, powerful presentation style on the main stage of our State Conference. As mentioned above, MSV provides a platform for students to create 3min “ted-talk” style keynote presentations and share their passion with thousands of students across the state. All MSV…

This concept is one of Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (and Teens).  It was a topic shared with student leaders during the RISE program offered in March as a companion to the Summer Leadership Camp Program that was suspended during the summer of 2020 due to the Covid pandemic.  

A review of your organization’s constitution and bylaws is one of the first activities outstanding groups do each year.  A review does not mean changes need to be made, but it does set the tone for the year – our group will do the right things in the right way.   Constitutions should be clearly written and easily understood.  If the review identifies areas that are out of…

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Hey Hey Student…

NEW year means NEW possibilities (& how to balance)

The year that we just endured is one that we can all collaboratively agree has changed our lives drastically. In a world where so many external factors remain uncertain, it is important to keep yourself motivated and on track towards a prosperous future.

For many of us (whether in high school or in college), we have struggled to find a way to accomplish all of the goals that we had set for ourselves this past year. For me personally, what this has taught me is that in order to…


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