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As educators head into a MUCH deserved summer break, much remains unclear as to the state of instruction, operations or educational practice as a whole for that matter. Remote instruction? In-person? Blended learning? Rotating schedules? This will be a fast moving, often stress-inducing summer as schools across the state make plans to best serve their students, staff and community members. 

Much like the unknowns your school is currently contemplating, MASC/MASH is in a similar situation. As much as we want to get back to educating our student leaders and providing meaningful,…

This has certainly been an interesting close to the school year.  The last quarter has seen teachers adapting lessons to virtual formats and students watching computer/device screens instead of directly interacting with their teachers and classmates.  How far this current situation will extend into the 2020 -2021 school has yet to be resolved.  Working in the grey without a definite black and white picture of what what next year will hold has become the norm.  My grandson had his senior year profoundly impacted with the loss of his senior season of baseball, no prom and a virtual…

How quickly our world has changed.  Last month I shared how nice it was to see so many of you in Grand Rapids at States 2020.  We were certainly fortunate the Amway Grand had to move us up several weeks to February 29 – March 2.  As with most of us,  Zoom have become a regular part of my communication as my meetings now are held digitally instead of in person.  Fellow members of the NAWD Board and state association leaders from across the country have shared the issues involved with having to cancel their state conferences and the uncertainty of summer leadership camps & fall programs…

With the anticipation of a more lengthy school closure it may be time to reassess your continuation of learning plan for students. The digital divide within our state will challenge every district to consider a variety of pathways to student success. In some cases, connectivity and device concerns will require both low tech and high tech options and others will need to be 100% no tech or 100% low tech.  Whichever category your school may fall,  it is important to design a coordinated approach to meet the needs of all students.

Districts who are in need of a learning resource that…


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