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"What is the best advice for keeping your group relationships strong?"

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Leadership Spotlight

This free training will cover the need to know information for new and first time advisers. Everything from constitution creation, school law, successful programming and creating a positive building culture. This workshop will be offered on location in Lansing and live-streamed for those that cannot attend in person. 

In order to receive more information on this workshop, you may submit, you can forward or you can fill out this form on behalf of your advisers and we will be in contact with you with full program details. 


States. For leadership kids, that word brings to mind something outside of the normal sports finals and educational competitions. For us, it’s a weekend where everyone gets caught up in their love of leadership and learning. It’s motivational and inspirational. It’s a weekend of forging new connections and meeting up with old friends that you’ve made at past LTI’s, regional conferences, or state conferences. It’s a weekend of listening to amazing speakers who motivate us to explore, to challenge ourselves, and to think outside the box. It’s a weekend that we look forward to all year.…

There’s a magic act that features poles and plates that deserves more recognition than it is given. For a solid two minutes, one magician manages to balance eight or so plates spinning on a half-inch pole. Starting one-by-one, the magician spins all eight simultaneously until the end of the act. While there might not be deception or misdirection involved, this act is truly magic; rather, the way this act relates to life and leadership is magic.

Many leaders have an innate drive to better themselves and their surroundings. They seek efficiency to maximize their impact, and…

Hey everyone, Max here. I just thought that I would share a “guide” of sorts on how to spice up your outlook on life with positivity. As the Michigan weather continues to fluctuate, sometimes dipping far into frigid numbers, I think it is important to reframe your thought process and ensure that you are making the most, or “maximizing” what you get out of each and every day! Some of the tips are things that I already do, some are based on what I have heard, and some are things that I am actively trying to do more, so I think that makes this all the more worthwhile to share. 

Ah yes, February-the end of January. The beginning of hope that maybe winter will finally cease its hold over us all. Oh yeah and Valentine’s Day. 

It’s pretty safe to say that February is definitely the month of the ol’ amore, but I’m here to say you don’t need a significant other to feel the love this February-and every month after! I think we as people forget to appreciate ourselves and the constants in our life. A daily dose of love is healthy.

Sometimes people misconstrue being selfish with self-love. Well folks that’s just not true. Self-love is an…


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