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"What is the best advice for keeping your group relationships strong?"

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Leadership Spotlight

Adviser professional development for both seasoned and brand-new advisers is coming! We are pleased to announce preliminary details for the 2022 National Activity Advisors’ Clinic (NAAC) scheduled for Saturday August 27 and hosted by the Michigan Association of Student Councils and Honor Societies (MASC/MAHS). The success of the 2021 Virtual NAAC and the past two virtual National Conferences on…

To Our Seniors:

Three years ago- I was just like you, counting down the days until graduation, cramming for final exams, worrying about college decisions, worrying about career decisions, talking to my friends about what instagram photo I should post for #seniorsunday, and overall stressing about work, school, life, and the question about what happens after graduation finally arrives. 

For me, the big moments of April 2019 were those that were historical, those that were personal, those that were emotional, and even the ones that were…


Being able to recognize our hard working students for their passion and dedication is what our jobs are all about! As we travel to each of our three Student Showcase…

 As the new academic year rolled around in August of 2021, the College Volunteer Facilitator Corp (CVFC) met to brainstorm different social media tactics that aim to engage MASC/MAHS students with the organization. The main social media platforms that are used by the organization are Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Due to the global pandemic, consistency within these platforms began to decline back in 2020. Because there were not as many major MASC/MAHS events at that time, informational posts were not as necessary as they were in the past. However, now that in-…

During the course of the pandemic, I have found inspiration in new places. I often
find inspiration and motivation from those around me. I am very much a people person,
so slowing down from my social, busy life changed where I found my inspiration. An
artist I followed on Instagram posted the phrase “always lead with love”. This short
four-word phrase that I think leaders need to remember.

To always lead with love to me is to be kind. Simple acts of kindness can truly
impact a person's day. Holding the door open can help someone running late to school…


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