Spreading the (Self) Love this February

Ah yes, February-the end of January. The beginning of hope that maybe winter will finally cease its hold over us all. Oh yeah and Valentine’s Day. 

It’s pretty safe to say that February is definitely the month of the ol’ amore, but I’m here to say you don’t need a significant other to feel the love this February-and every month after! I think we as people forget to appreciate ourselves and the constants in our life. A daily dose of love is healthy.

Sometimes people misconstrue being selfish with self-love. Well folks that’s just not true. Self-love is an absolute necessity for a sound mind. What do I mean by self-love? I’m talking about taking time out of your day to focus solely on yourself and what makes YOU happy. Take time to forget your worries, your fear, and put down that homework. 

Let me spin you my tale when I was a high school senior. I’d wake up at 5:30am everyday to get ready for school. My school started bright and early at 7:15. My schedule consisted of AP Literature, AP Psychology, AP Chemistry, and AP Calculus BC plus anatomy and leadership. School ended at 2:20 for most. But most days I didn’t leave the school until about 5:00pm due to various clubs and activities. I’d come home, nap for about 2 hours, do about 5-6 hours of homework, eat, go to bed about midnight.

My day left little time for leisure. Back then, I thought I was doing what I had to do be a successful teen. But now when I look back, I honestly don’t know how I lived that way for so long. I was so focused on grades, and student council, and diversity club, and national honor society, Mu Alpha Theta and blah blah blah, and I never took time to give myself the time of day. Disclaimer, I’m not saying to drop everything! Own what you do- but don’t let it control your life. 

In the midst of your chaotic life that you undoubtedly throw yourself into, take time clear your mind. Do what you love most to burn off the built-up stress and anxiety. One thing I’ve done when life has become too crazy is take a trip to solitude to be alone with my thoughts. My solitude came in the form of the Arb- a nature walk here in Ann Arbor. Here are some ways my fellow CVFC Freshmen give themselves a boost…

“I read warm fuzzies, workout, listen to my fav country songs, chat with my friends”- Emily Ruebelman

“Music FOR SURE, start sticking to a routine, eat healthier, take a bath because they’re the greatest things in the world, take a day and read a whole book or two”- Anna Dean
“Tbh, I put on a fashion show in my dorm, listen to music, drink coffee, recreationally read”- Max Grahl

These are just some ideas to set you in the right direction. I encourage you to find the thing that brings you the most solace. Grab it, hold onto it, cherish it. Which leads me to my last point. Cherish your friends and loved ones because they are often the greatest beacon of love in your life. Simply being a constant presence can mean more than grand gestures. Self-love is vital, and I find that being a constant source of love for someone else is the ultimate act of self-love. Just spread all the love people!