From the Archives: December

With the Leadership Training Institute tour is wrapping up Matt, Angel and I have hit our Bavarian Inn chicken limit until the Regional Connect conferences begin. I had the opportunity to introduce the “From the Archives” concept with many of you at the LTI advisor meetings. When asked for topics you would like some additional resources on – Constitution Review, Bylaws and Officer Duties & Responsibilities were frequently shared.

These topics along with Committees closely align with Section 1 Organization & Structure) of the Award of Excellence rubric . I was found some good information on these topics in the May 1997, April 2001 and October 2003 editions of Leadership magazine. This print publication was published monthly by the “national office” and was sent out to student council advisors, honor society advisors, activity directors and principals. A monthly Q and A column regarding the National Honor Society was included in each issue.

Although the issues of Leadership are twenty or so years old, the basic information is still applicable and/or relevent today. This month’s “from my basement to your computer screens” offering include articles specifically on Building and Rebuilding Your Constitution, Bylaws: Time for a Tune-up?, Officer Roles and Responsibilities and Making the Most of Committees. I have also include NHS Q & A’s on the Faculty Council, Advice for New NHS Advisors and NHS Inductions.

Please let know if you have topics you would like some information/ resources on – chances are I will be able to something in my files. 

Yours in Leadership, 

Tom Heethuis

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