From the Archives: November

My first year as a Student Council Advisor was 1974.  In the forty-five that have followed, I have been fortunate to been involved with national, state and local organizations that promote involvement by students and the training of advisors.  The sharing of the “good stuff” between fellow advisors was a key to my professional growth.

My basement files are overflowing (honestly, ask my wife!) with conference handouts, journals and other publications.  Many of these are from a fifteen year time span from the mid eighties to early two thousands.  This was a golden era for publications regarding activities and student leadership.  It proceeded the digital age of web pages with pdf links, Google drives and iClouds.  We actually received print copies of these materials in the mail or at conferences and workshops.  As I am doing my sorting and tossing to clean up the basement, I am taking a quick look at the materials and am putting aside and scanning some of the materials I think are still useful today.  Each month I plan to share some of these to the MASC/MAHS digital archives.  

This month I am sharing ten articles and reference pieces that deal with a topic I wish I would have more information on as a beginning advisor – Effective Meetings and Parliamentary Procedure. Lots more stuff to share in the months to come!

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