Weekly Learning Opportunities

With the anticipation of a more lengthy school closure it may be time to reassess your continuation of learning plan for students. The digital divide within our state will challenge every district to consider a variety of pathways to student success. In some cases, connectivity and device concerns will require both low tech and high tech options and others will need to be 100% no tech or 100% low tech.  Whichever category your school may fall,  it is important to design a coordinated approach to meet the needs of all students.

Districts who are in need of a learning resource that can accommodate students in grades 6-12 in a no tech or low tech format, consider use of our weekly learning opportunity resource called, From Me to You.  This resource is created and made available each Wednesday for secondary administrators to share the following week.  From Me to You may be shared with students and families through local communication systems (e.g., email, school messenger, blog, etc), or as packets that are distributed with meals to families and/or current homework packets. Each edition, has words of wisdom and learning activities for individuals and family engagement, including current issues and events, a weekly challenge, family conversation guide, and suggestions for mini-celebrations based on “National Days.”

In closing, thank you for being the leaders our students, teachers and families need. Knowing that there is no playbook for these unprecedented times, and there are more questions than answers, it is essential that we continue to network, bounce ideas off each other, ask questions, explore possibilities, and support one another. If you need a thought partner or assistance with the development of a continuous learning plan for your school/district, please contact me directly at matt@mascmahs.org. The MASSP staff has the expertise to assist you with this work and we stand with you in advancing learning through educational leadership.  

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