2020 Fall Program Line-up and Individual School Programs

As educators head into a MUCH deserved summer break, much remains unclear as to the state of instruction, operations or educational practice as a whole for that matter. Remote instruction? In-person? Blended learning? Rotating schedules? This will be a fast moving, often stress-inducing summer as schools across the state make plans to best serve their students, staff and community members. 

Much like the unknowns your school is currently contemplating, MASC/MASH is in a similar situation. As much as we want to get back to educating our student leaders and providing meaningful, dedicated programming – a 300 student event with multiple schools in attendance may not be possible (or wise) depending on the future impact of COVID-19 and possible restrictions that may be in place. 

We are currently designing multiple models of instruction for our regular fall programming (Student Mental Health Summit, Leadership Training Institutes, Executive Forums, League Workshops). These models range from smaller group, in-person instruction, to a complete interactive digital programming experience. We are dedicated to providing our member schools with the best resources, programming and experiences for your schools activity group and students. Our program concepts will have several methods of delivery ready to help serve your school’s unique instructional model, while complying with health and safety recommendations. Thank you for your continued patience as we continue to monitor what is allowed, what is restricted and how we can best provide meaningful, curricular driven events under the guidelines and forecasting that are available. 

If you feel your school will be introducing policy that will make it difficult to transport students or allow students to attend off-campus events, MASC/MAHS can be contracted to provide custom student leadership training sessions at your school, based on the objectives and goals your school would want to address. 

The scheduling of these events has already begun, and may fill up quickly (scheduling is on a first come, first serve basis.) For more information on contracting individual school sessions, contact Matt Alley at matt@mascmahs.org