BE, with CVFC: Podcast

BE with CVFC is a podcast crafted by a few of the college students that make up CVFC each month. Each episode focuses on a main theme, each playing off the level two camp curriculum, BE Goals. The members converse about the importance of each theme and how it connects to their lives as well as the lives of the main audience, high school students. They dive deeper into what each goal means and different ways the students practice these values. The episodes that have been released so far include BE Passionate, BE Connected, BE Intentional, and BE Selfish. The first episode was released on February 1st and has been growing ever since. 

BE Passionate, the first episode, speaks on the importance of pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and driving yourself to do something impactful. The CVFC members share some of their passions and what their “aha” moments were when they recognized each passion. Upon listening, it is taught that passion is contagious and it will contribute to creating connections with others. 

BE Connected highlights the importance of staying grounded. The episode recognizes how easily one may get swept up in social media and comparison, especially in high school. The students talk about coming to the realization that many of their peers were struggling with similar problems they themselves were facing. The CVFC members also touched on the idea of connecting with yourself first to be able to connect with others. They noted that when one puts themselves first, they will connect with the people and places they are meant to. 

BE Intentional discusses spending time doing the things that fulfill one’s passions and drives. The members discuss the importance of balance in high school, especially when it comes to extracurricular activities. They speak on the fact that choosing a few clubs that truly serve you creates a bigger impact than joining many clubs that do not pique your interest. The CVFC members also explain the importance of being intentional with your relationships, and surrounding yourself with the people who align with your values. 

BE Selfish is the most recent podcast to be released. Released on October 24th, the podcast speaks on taking time for self-care and recognizing the importance of saying “no” to certain things. The CVFC members share ways that they practice being selfish and they discuss the negative connotations that surround the word, despite there being a separate meaning. 

CVFC plans to release at least one podcast per month and hopes to create relatable content that their listeners can enjoy and learn from.

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