The Trick and Treats of Leadership

The Tricks and Treats of Leadership

Leadership- it shapes us, it challenges us, and it changes us. It’s scary, it’s difficult, yet it’s worth it. It plays a constant role in our everyday lives, and without it, we wouldn’t be the person we are today. However, leadership is more often than not difficult to practice each and everyday, and although it is a part of who we are, it is also the thing that molds us to become someone entirely new.

So how can we ensure that leadership is a constant in our day to day routines? In honor of halloween, here are some tricks to keep being better everyday:

  1. STOP.

Every leader gets caught up in the craziness of their daily motions. One minute you’re here, the next you’re there. Take a second, take a breath, and focus on your purpose in all that you do. Are you doing these things for the right reasons? Are you passionate about them? What are you hoping to accomplish by doing these things? Why are you doing it a certain way? Is there a different way that could be better? Which of the people in your life can you rely on to help you when things get stressful? Who are your cheerleaders? How can you take care of yourself better?

  1. GO!

It’s time to take action! A leader is an enabler, but they’re also an active member of society. Focus on all your previous reflections and find a way to use them for support and guidance in your activities. Remember your motivations for starting your projects in the first place. Rely on your support systems and cheerleaders to hold you accountable for your dreams. Above all, don’t forget to make time for yourself!

  1. Fast Forward

It’s inevitable that things will NOT go as planned. No matter how small, something is going to throw you off your course. Instead of blaming where things went wrong, think about how you can be proactive as you move forward. As always, don’t forget about your cheerleaders and how supportive they can be.

Yes, leadership is incredibly hard. You will get ALL kinds of obstacles thrown at you, but it’s important to remember all the treats to leadership. Here just are a couple of the benefits from everyday leadership:

  1. Connections

You will run into the most amazing people in your entire life through leadership. When connecting leaders with other leaders, you create new forms of innovation. However, when you connect leaders with potential leaders, you create sparks, and from those sparks comes the magic of all things that are important in the world. You find purpose, you find passion, and you find yourself through others.

  1. Self Discovery

As a leader, you think you know a lot about yourself and your values. However, the more and more you practice leadership, and the more you help others find their own potential, you start to realize your own. You begin to open up your mind to other possibilities and ideas, and therefore you find a new sense of self. Every leader goes through a process in which their viewpoints are challenged for some reason, and it is always for the better.

  1. Change

You are now a part of a community dedicated to creating real change in a continuously challenging world. By relying on others and holding your own self accountable, you are given the opportunity to make the world a better place through your hard work and dedication. Utilize it.