regional2020 can’t stop our student leaders! Get ready, our Regional SUPER Connect conference hits this winter to bring together students from all across the state of Michigan to learn and grow from presentations that are completely student driven! 

This virtual conference aims to support our growing need for creative, intuitive and quality programming to support your building culture and program needs. Our Regional SUPER Connect will keep traditional Regional conference agenda items such as impactful keynote speakers, creative and fun themes, leadership curricular activities, student networking/discussion opportunities and most importantly, providing student voice through our Student Showcase presentations and Michigan Student Voice competition! 

This year, we have two date options for schools to attend, allowing advisors and students to select a date and time that works best for each school's schedule.

Regional SUPER Connect Dates:
Option #1: Wednesday, January 27th

Option #2: Sunday, February 7th 

-$15 per person
-$200 for a group of 20 (Schools are allowed to bring additional participants at $15 per person and can register as many students as they wish)
Registration: Virtual space may be limited and is on a first come, first serve basis. 

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Virtual Student Showcase Presentation Guidelines

This is what student leadership is all about! Student Showcase Presentations allow for students to present the very best in programming currently being executed in your school. 

Whether your school is currently operating face-to-face, in a hybrid model or operating fully remote, your student organization has done something AMAZING to support students, staff and your community as a whole. This year's student showcase presentations will focus on the outstanding and creative work of students and advisers.

Possible Topic List
(The following is a list of ideas. Feel free to submit any student initiative or program facilitated by your student organization. When submitting your showcase submission form, schools will identify if they are operating face-to-face, in a hybrid model or operating fully remote)

These student-delivered presentations allow for the unique opportunity to not only showcase your incredible programs, but also fine tune your students' presentation tactics and public speaking abilities - a critical component for young leaders. Most presentations consist of teams of 2, 3 or 4 students to deliver these impactful sessions. 

The best part of presenting your Showcase at a Regional event is that your presentation can be selected to present at the State Conference! The top presentations from our Regional Connect events are voted on by attending schools (via a secure link) for a chance to present to student leaders from across the State of Michigan! 

More information on the number of showcases being selected, voting guidelines and selection structure will be available in the coming months. 

In order to give students all the tools they need to deliver a world class presentation, we have developed a number of resources to assist in the creation, presentation and execution of your Showcase Presentation. This information can be found on the righthand side of this page under the "Showcases" tab. 

Click here to view the last year's Showcase Presentations. 

Welcome to your Virtual Conference Experience!

The following video tutorial covers our digital conference platform, EventOwl. This brief overview showcases how to navigate the conference platform and some of what you can expect when registering for a digital conference. This platform allows our participants to view a full agenda, select sessions of interest, download handouts and resources and allows dedicated space for networking! Although we are not in the same room, we are still in this together!