The Season for Giving

With the holidays right around the corner, it’s the season for giving- the season for Servant Leadership. Servant Leadership is taking action to do things that will benefit others, without expecting anything back in return. It’s the most rewarding, yet the least recognized type of service, which can make it hard to stay motivated. When being a servant leader, you have to remember three important things: the WHO, the WHAT, and the WHY.

WHO are you affecting: A good way to stay driven is to think about who you’re affecting. For some, the holidays can be the most difficult time of the year. If you focus on how the service you are doing is going to help others, and how these actions will spark a change in their life, it will give you the peace of mind to keep pushing forward with your task.

WHAT are you changing: Another thing to consider is what you are changing- every action counts. From donating your time to organizations like “Fleece and Thank You” to make blankets for kids who have extended stays in the hospital, to donating canned goods to local food pantries, anything you can do will help change an aspect of someone’s life. You can be the reason that someone has an item of comfort or a warm meal this holiday season- and the possibilities of how you can help are endless.

WHY are you doing it: Perhaps the most important thing about service is knowing why you’re doing something. If you do not have a passion behind your actions, you probably shouldn’t be doing it in the first place. The most successful servant leaders are the ones with a genuine passion for what they are doing. The best way to give back to others, is to find something you are passionate about and put your whole heart into it to.

Be the light in someone’s day, and have a Happy Holiday leaders!