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Why Hide Behind a Mask?

There are two faces of leadership we work with on a consistent basis: the community around us and our own reflection. So often as leaders in our schools and community, we have been taught and grown into the mindset that being a leader means…

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Leadership is Scary

With the Halloween season upon us, everything seems to be themed accordingly: classic Halloween movies are playing on ABC, Target has more than everything you need to get in the spooky spirit, haunted hayrides/houses are frequent weekend activities, and everything is pumpkin flavored. Even…

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Camp 2017 A Huge Success

And just like that, summer camp will return to slumber until 2018. We had a fantastic year, welcoming more than 500 students and 80 staffers for a week long celebration of leadership at Albion College. Each year we improve, we redesign, we laugh, we…

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New Adviser’s Checklist

Your first installment of this year’s Adviser Checklist series is now available. Our motto around the office lately has been “New Year, New Look.” You’ll notice that the Adviser Checklist has been updated in terms of content, look and functionality. We hope that it…

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